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Aviation Pilot Duty and Performance Calculator app is for serious flyers

The iPad has had a big impact on aviation. iPads are holding charts and other vital information for professional pilots eliminating thousands of printed pages that used to be pushed into heavy black flight bags. Now, a pilot has written an app called the Aviation Pilot Duty and Performance Calcul...

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CES 2013: iSpO2 pulse oximeter for iDevices

Masimo makes medical-grade pulse oximeters, which measure the amount of oxygen in your blood. Now available (for US$249) is the iSpO2, a more consumer-grade model for athletes and aviators who need to track their O2 levels but aren't using it for a medical need. Like the Tinke, which we cover...

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Connected Panel connects iPad and cockpit

In the ever-increasing trend of iPads in aviation, whether that be in the cockpit or the cabin, iOS games or the next long-haul flight halfway around the world, iPads are becoming synonymous with flying. And Aspen Avionics is the latest to follow that trend, integrating the iPad even further in...

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iHUD Remote app brings glass cockpit to any pilot

The big bash for aviation fans, EAA AirVenture, has just started in Oshkosh, Wisconsin. Among the static and flying displays of airplanes of all sizes, attendees can expect to see a lot of iPhones and iPads -- in the cockpits of many aircraft. Virginia-based Hunter Research and Utah-based Aerov...

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TUAW's Daily iPad App - Warplanes: A History of Aerial Combat

Gameloft recently released a new iPad book-app, Warplanes: A History of Aerial Combat (US$6.99). This app is follow-up to Gameloft's earlier book-app, War in the Pacific. This latest offering includes detailed information on 43 historic war planes including popular bombers like the B-52, fighte...

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Singapore to hand out iPads to its soldiers

The Defence Ministry of Singapore said on Monday that it will be issuing 8,000 iPads to new recruits this year. Armed with the iPad, new soldiers will be able to snap photos and videos of the battlefield, which can be uploaded to a central database. They can also communicate with officers and o...

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Marine Corps aviators depend on iPad

Aviators for the United States Marine Corps (USMC) in Afghanistan have ejected heavy stacks of paper charts and grid reference graphics from their cockpits and replaced them with the iPad according to a report by Tony Osborne for The Shephard Group. The popularity of the iPad among marine flight c...

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iPads on the flight decks of Alaska Airlines aircraft

I've talked about iPads for pilots a few times here on TUAW, particularly when discussing kneeboards for the device, but our sister site Engadget just pointed me to a press release from Alaska Airlines that caught my attention. The airline with the smiling Inuit on the tail has started a pair...

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iPro Aviator pilot's kneeboard: Great in cockpit, car or classroom

The big iPad and flight tech story this weekend involved chart vendor Jeppesen and charter operator Executive Jet Management. The companies received authorization from the FAA to use iPads running the Jeppesen Mobile TC App for iPad as an electronic flight bag, replacing the traditional leather pil...

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iCub puts an iPad in a plane

Even though the first iPhone lacked a GPS and compass (not to mention a true gyroscope), there were a few early avionic entries to the App Store, mostly involving crude tilt measurements. When the iPhone got a GPS and then a compass, it became a wee more useful to the flying sort. The iPad brings a...

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iPads on the virtual flight deck

It's no secret that the iPad is popular with pilots. TUAW has provided coverage of pilot kneeboards for holding iPads in the cockpit, many iPhone apps for pilots that are now making their way to the big(ger) screen, and we've heard from commenters who fly for a living that they think the iPad may b...

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Pilots: Take your iPad flying with the Tech Board iPro Kneeboard

With its beautiful display, capacious storage, and hundreds of thousands of apps, the iPad is an instant hit with both professional and private pilots. The iPad is much more readable than an iPhone, and it's easy to take PDF files of sectional and terminal area charts with you on the device. As w...

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5 Apps (Mac & iPhone) for pilots

People who fly airplanes, either professionally or for fun, are an interesting bunch. When they're not flying, they are usually doing something to keep their skills sharp or to learn something new. This selection of five Mac and iPhone applications is a sampling of what's available for Apple platfor...

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