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Vuze allows remote playback support to Apple devices

Update: Original version of this post contained some accidental misinformation. Errors have been corrected. Azureus was my Bittorrent client of choice back in the day -- it used to be open source and easy to use and install, and served up any torrents you'd like. Eventually, however, the app was tur...

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Running a bittorrent client from the iPhone

A few days ago, TorrentFreak speculated about how someone might create a bittorrent client for the iPhone. While it seems technically possible (except for that nagging "no SDK" problem, which makes it hard to get code running on there), you might question why it needs to be done - since there are ...

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Xtorrent 1.0 v40 released with per-torrent bandwidth throttling, list of big features to come

It isn't often that developers unveil their cards, but when they do, their user's ears typically perk up. Such is the case with Dave Watanabe's release of Xtorrent 1.0 v40 in which he announced two big new features now, and a few juicy ones coming down the road. As of this new version, Xtorrent Pr...

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BBC to go peer-to-peer in HD with Azureus

The Beeb is reporting that hundreds of episodes of "programmes" will be released for download via the Zudeo service, based on P2P client Azureus. The videos will be available in HD and will be DRM'ed, exact rights and pricing to be announced. This is certainly big news for fans of Brit TV who don't ...

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Mac Torrent clients reviewed

We all love OS X, but any Mac user with half a brain will admit that there are some areas in which the Windows world has us beat. When it comes to BitTorrent clients, Windows users have a veritable cornucopia of options to chose from, while us Mac users have a paltry 5 choices. TorrenFreak, always d...

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