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iPhone modded with titanium back

Everyone's saying that the next version of the iPhone will have a case upgrade, but Martin Schrotz couldn't wait -- he encased his iPhone 3GS in titanium, and Engadget has a gallery of pictures of the ubercool mod. I thought he had actually put the titanium cover over the plastic back, but apparent...

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iTMS browser navigation and history works like Safari

A macosxhints post details how browsing the iTMS (as some might assume) works quite a bit like Safari. The poster discovered that clicking and holding on either the forward or back button in the iTMS will reveal a drop-down history menu. This ought to make browsing a bit easier for the chronic iTMS ...

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Back/Center Stage 0.6 released

CenterStage and BackStage make up a dynamic duo which gives FrontRow a run for its money. The free software suite reached version 0.6 today, bringing with it some exciting new features and Intel support. Media management app BackStage got madeover with a new unified UI, while FrontRow-esque componen...

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