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Backblaze: Hard drive temps don't affect failure rates

The storage wizards at Backblaze have been analyzing the statistics on drive failures in their huge storage facilities, then posting the results on their blog. Today's stats are rather interesting, taking a look at how drive temperatures affect failure rates. The bottom line? Contrary to the long-...

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Backblaze now storing 100 petabytes of data, announces Storage Pod 4.0

When it comes to storing large amounts of data inexpensively, Backblaze is a leader. The online backup company just announced that they're now storing 100 petabytes -- that's one hundred million gigabytes -- of data from both Mac and Windows users around the globe. To put the number in perspective...

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Do enterprise-rated drives really hold up better? Backblaze finds the truth

Last month we covered a study by online backup provider Backblaze in which the company looked at statistics for all of the hard drives used in their storage facilities and determined -- among other things -- that the median lifetime of a hard drive is about six years. There were a number of other ...

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Backblaze answers the question 'How long do hard drives last?'

Backblaze knows storage. The online backup company uses more than 25,000 spinning hard drives at any one time, stuffed into the proprietary Storage Pods it developed and made an open-source design. Well, with that many hard drives working away, the company has been able to keep track of failure ra...

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Backblaze supports Lion, updates Storage Pod project

A couple of years ago, the folks at cloud backup provider Backblaze made their Backblaze Storage Pod design an open source project. For around US$7900, you could make your own 67 TB RAID 6 array, and combining 15 of the arrays would give you about a petabyte of storage at a cost of around $117,...

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