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Steve Jobs subpoenaed by SEC

Remember that whole stock backdating scandal that was threatening to throw a wrench into the unstoppable train that is Apple? Yeah, Apple would prefer you forget about it too, but the SEC (that's the Securities and Exchange Commission) hasn't. They have subpoenaed Steve Jobs to testify in relation t...

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Fred Andersen pays fine, says he didn't do it

We've already mentioned that Fred Andersen has agree to pay $3.5 million in fines to SEC in regards to the Apple backdating scandal. However, he is not going quietly into that good night. Mr. Andersen has released a statement (requires a WSJ subscription) which emphasizes that he admits no wrong doi...

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Jobs and Apple not out of the Options scandal woods yet

The Wall Street Journal has the best summary (subscription maybe required) of the Apple options backdating scandal that I have read to date. They take a look at Apple's filings and point that that Steve 'recommended the selection of some favorable grant dates,' though he was not involved in the impr...

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