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Band streams concert live via iOS app

A band named Everything, Everything is streaming a concert live today from London, and they're sharing that content on the App Store. NME says that the Manchester band has released a free app for iOS that will not only stream the show live, but will eventually have an archive of the show available,...

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Back/Center Stage 0.6 released

CenterStage and BackStage make up a dynamic duo which gives FrontRow a run for its money. The free software suite reached version 0.6 today, bringing with it some exciting new features and Intel support. Media management app BackStage got madeover with a new unified UI, while FrontRow-esque componen...

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iLounge releases The Free iPod Book 2.2

Those iPod-obsessed kids over at iLounge have updated their Free iPod Book to version 2.2 (yes, books can have version point updates too). Four all-new sections are included in this updated version: Nike + iPod Sport Kit Troubleshooting Your iPod U2 iPod + iPod Pack-Ins Backstage at iLo...

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