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Get Backup Pro is a solid backup utility for Macs

Yes, there is Time Machine, Carbon Copy Cloner and SuperDuper!. All have their place and are terrific backup utilities, but it's also nice to see something new on the scene that adds a few tricks to your backup bag. Get Backup, from Belight Software (on sale for US$9.95) is a Yosemite-ready u...

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Apple is offering existing iCloud users a partial refund after price drop

On the heels of Apple's new pricing for iCloud storage, existing iCloud users have begun receiving emails announcing they have received an upgrade and refunded to put them in line with new customers. Users who were on the 20GB plan saw their cost drop from $40 a year to $11.99. Apple is refunding ...

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Ask TUAW Live is on the air at 5 PM ET today!

‚Äč Yesterday was World Backup Day. Just in case you missed it, today Ask TUAW will be dedicated to getting your data in a safe place so you can be confident when and if your storage malfunctions you'll be able to get it back. "Ask TUAW Live" happens today, Tuesday, April 1, 2014 at 5:00:00 PM EDT....

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TUAW at Macworld/iWorld 2014 - Backblaze

In this short video interview, we visit the Backblaze booth at Macworld/iWorld 2014 and chat with Backblaze CEO Gleb Budman about their backup service and storage service. You'll see the insides (drive-free) of one of their 180 terabyte storage pods in which the company stores 100 petabytes of dat...

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Five tech things you can do for your family today

There's no place like home for the holidays, and certainly no place else where you're likely to encounter so many of your family members at the same time. Chances are, the advice and assistance you provided last year on the technology front has faded into memory just like a wilted poinsettia plant...

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Backblaze answers the question 'How long do hard drives last?'

Backblaze knows storage. The online backup company uses more than 25,000 spinning hard drives at any one time, stuffed into the proprietary Storage Pods it developed and made an open-source design. Well, with that many hard drives working away, the company has been able to keep track of failure ra...

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Backing up your iPhone's text messages

Whether it's for personal or legal reasons, you may want to back up text messages -- both SMS and iMessage. Think about wanting to keep a personal memory of a friend or relative who died suddenly, or the importance of keeping threatening texts from someone, and you'll see why it's important to have ...

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iOS 7: Get your iPhone and iPad ready for the update

The new iPhones and the free iOS 7 update are imminent. The articles regarding which devices can run the new Apple mobile operating system and how to prepare for that momentous occasion of installing it on your device are plentiful. Christina Bonnington of Wired, in her article How to Prep Your i...

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Mac 101: How to retire a Mac with an iCloud account

When you want to retire, sell or give away a Mac, you should never just pass it on to someone else as-is. There are many apps that only allow you to use your serial numbers a limited time, most notably from Adobe and Microsoft. You should deactivate the software so that you can reuse your serial ...

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Last Call: Everything you need to prepare for the Google Reader shutdown

This is the last call for everyone to migrate off Google Reader before it shuts down July 1. Follow these guidelines to put Google Reader behind you and get setup with one (or more) of the services that are ready and raring to become your new RSS home. Back up your Google Data Back up your Googl...

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Github tool extracts all your Google Reader data, including starred items, tags and more

Google Reader is shutting down and you, hopefully, have backed up your Reader data for future import into your reader app of choice. As pointed out by Mihai Parparita of, Google's Takeout service creates a backup of the RSS subscriptions, but fails to include all the data like star...

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Reality Absorption Field: Backups Capsule

Despite the great success and momentum of the iPad, the iPhone is still probably Apple's product that continues to receive the most attention by the broadest number of consumers as well as by investors. The smartphone slips easily into a pocket, accesses cloud from virtually anywhere, has a slick ...

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Add a clone partition to your backup drive

In case you missed it, March 31st was World Backup Day, a big topic of discussion on the last few Talkcasts, which culminated in a visit by the team at Dolly Drive. Inspired by the conversation, I wanted to create a clone-sized partition to mirror my SSD. I had an extra external drive on my desk...

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Talkcast tonight, 7pm PT/10pm ET: Backups and Clouds and Dolly Drive!

Another Sunday means another talkcast! As you may have noticed, Kelly's put some prep work in for tonight. We have some special guests tonight coming in from Dolly Drive, and we'll be discussing backup services, and cloud services, and what happens when you get your backup all in your cloud, or y...

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Audiobooks are not backed up by iCloud, can only be downloaded once

Audiobooks, unlike your other iTunes purchases, cannot be re-downloaded from the store. On a Mac, you can dig into your iTunes folder and move the DRM-protected files to another authorized machine. iOS devices, however, lack a file system that the user can access, so if you never sync with a Ma...

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