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Macworld's Jason Snell says what we're all thinking about iTunes

Those of you who remember iTunes when it was new, when it was merely a revamped version of SoundJam MP, will sympathize the most here. iTunes used to be a great tool for playing music and ripping CD's. Then the iTunes music store came along and it was good. Then apps came along and iTunes went ban...

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Looking back at the iPhone 4S pre-order launch

The iPhone 4S online pre-order went live last night, and the experience was hectic for me. Sales started about 40 minutes past the original estimate and customers vented their frustration on Twitter. Once live, Apple's store site was quickly overwhelmed by customers as was the Apple Store app. M...

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Join us tomorrow: Apple's iPhone 4 Press Conference

Apple Press Event Please join us tomorrow at 10AM Pacific (1PM Eastern) for a live TUAW blogging event as Apple addresses the press over its controversial iPhone 4 device. CEO Steve Jobs is expected to lead the event. The question on everyone's mind is, of course, will Apple be holding the ev...

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iPhone 4 Bluetooth issues reported

While testing out the Jawbone Icon wireless Bluetooth headset recently, the parties I called complained of diminished sound quality on their end. They talked about overly compressed muffled sound, with decreased dynamic range. Over at the Jawbone end-user forums several threads have been discussing ...

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MicroSIM adapter moves your service back to an earlier iPhone

Yesterday, I went to lunch with a dozen or so Apple enthusiasts, all of us with our new iPhone 4's. And, yes, the topic of conversation was (as you would expect) the awfulness of the signal issues. There were various bumpers and other cases at the table, along with empirical testing. It was ver...

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BGR posts AppleCare reception troubleshooter for iPhone 4

As Erica demonstrates in the video above, for some iPhone 4 users it's not that hard to show how the phone's reception is affected by holding it 'wrong.' BoyGeniusReport has a copy of what they claim is AppleCare's internal troubleshooting procedure for iPhone 4, which boils down to "the iPhone ...

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Found Footage: Apple pulls iSlam Muhammad app

In what is sure to raise a ruckus, comedian / filmmaker / app developer Emery Emery recorded a phone call with an Apple App Store rep when his iSlam Muhammad app was pulled from the App Store after one day. The highly entertaining conversation in its entirety can be heard by watching the "video" ...

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Like iPad, blistering in the sun: Temperature issues reported

With all deference to the Violent Femmes, there's nothing upbeat about the cases of overheating that some iPad users are facing in the early days with the device. We've heard directly from two readers about the dreaded 'iPad needs to cool down before you can use it' message; Henry in Colorado and Jo...

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Apple's obsessive secrecy hurting relations with overseas suppliers

Apple's obsession with secrecy is legendary. For all the rumors and leaks that stoke media attention, very rarely do we have a clear picture of a new product until Steve Jobs comes out on stage and shows it to us. Even people who work for Apple often have very little idea what the company is up to; ...

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TUAW How To: Downgrading your 3.1.3 iPhone to 3.1.2

Last week I downloaded (but did not install) the iPhone OS 3.1.3 firmware for my 3GS. I wanted to have a copy of the firmware on hand, but didn't want to upgrade right away. I checked "Do not ask me again" and clicked Download Only. I thought that was the end of the matter. Unfortunately, this Su...

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Enough already with the draconian NDAs, Apple

Yo, Apple. February's coming, and likely with it, the iPhone OS 4.0 SDK. And you know what? We're totally over this infuriating ducking NDA thing when it comes to the iPhone software development kit. NDAs refer to nondisclosure agreements. They are contracts -- in this case, between Apple and wou...

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Baby Shaker further exposes App Store flaws

Update: According to, Apple has issued an official apology for letting this app onto the store. Sometimes, you really have to question the App Store approval process. Sure, this isn't the first time that Apple has made an unwise decision regarding the approval (or lack thereof) of ...

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iPhone users reporting reboots due to high App count

Recently, TUAW has received numerous tips about near random iPhone boot loops that force users to restore their units. This forum thread suggests that these reboots may be due to the iPhone's onboard watchdog system. The iPhone has to create a new Application Map whenever you load or unload apps to...

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The NetShare debacle: Apple, explain yourself

Put yourselves in Nullriver's shoes for a minute: you create an app (NetShare - see TUAW passim), which as far as you can tell does not break any of the App Store rules. You submit it to Apple for inclusion. It passes the vetting procedure (so it must be OK, right?) and goes live online, for sale ...

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The wrong kind of 1%

MobileMe account holders trying to contact Apple's email outage chat support service have been promptly and brutally cut off if they're not on Apple's list of the "1%" of users affected -- and in one case, even if they are. Some TUAW readers have been in touch to tell us that when they tried to get ...

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