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Bad Piggies gets a ... cookbook

As if our recent exploration of the Angry Birds universe didn't convey the franchise's might, here's another sign. A Bad Piggies cookbook is available. Actually, the hardcover, real-life version of Angry Birds: Bad Piggies' Egg Recipes was out for the holiday season last year, long before the B...

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Here's a look at the whole universe of Angry Birds games (so far)

Bad Piggies is the latest title added to Rovio's growing universe of Angry Birds games, and the latest word is that it's the fastest-selling game in the company's history, hitting number one on the App Store just a few hours after it launched. Given all of the various Angry Birds properties tha...

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Bad Piggies will have you building custom vehicles for Angry Birds' piggies

The original Angry Birds is a hugely successful franchise, all built on the seemingly simple mechanic of flicking some birds at structures and knocking them down. Bad Piggies, the antagonists in the Angry Birds franchise, are now getting their own franchise based on building things. Similar t...

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Angry Birds' sequel Bad Piggies is official

Rovio teased a title called "Bad Piggies" on various social networks last week, and now the game is official. Forbes traveled to Finland and got a first look at a brand new physics puzzle game set in the enormously popular Angry Birds universe. It's not completely clear how the game will work...

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