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OGIO's Newt 15 is a high-quality backpack for day-to-day commuting

The OGIO Newt 15 (US$100) is a stylish, mid-sized backpack for day to day transportation of your digital essentials and then some. Previously, TUAW's own Steve Sande and Ilene Hoffman reviewed OGIO's 13 inch Covert Shoulder Bag ($69.99) and Hampton's Women's Tote ($70) respectively. Both of thos...

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iBackFlip Somersault available for preorder; watch creator explain improvements

I met up with the guys behind iBackflip while at Macworld, and was impressed with their passion for design. Their first iBackflip was a pretty straightforward flip-down arm sling for the iPad. Using Velcro, it offered a basic black design and minimal extras. The new iBackflip Somersault, now avail...

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Marshall Bergman Corbin bag for iPad and 11" MacBook Air: Review

Most of the bag and case manufacturers that we receive review samples from are in the US, and their products are usually sold in Apple Stores in the US as well. An established UK bag maker, Marshall Bergman, is making a splash in the UK with the Corbin canvas bag (£79.95) for iPad and/or ...

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For Earth Day, consider an eco-friendly laptop bag

Around the end of February, the good folks at Plaid Doctrine sent me one of their laptop bags to try for a week. These stylish, vintage-inspired bags are aimed at women who want a more elegant bag to carry in a professional setting. An extra bonus is that these bags are also eco-friendly: they'...

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Road Tested: Tom Bihn Checkpoint Flyer laptop bag

After I traveled to Africa in February with a Tom Bihn Western Flyer bag loaded with geek gear, I wrote a post talking about how I packed that bag for the trip. It was the perfect bag on that vacation, as it allowed me to pack all of my gear into various little nooks and crannies, and it converted t...

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Back to School: RadTech backpacks and cases 20% off

TUAW's going Back to School! We'll be bringing you tips and reviews for students, parents and teachers right up until the bell rings in September. Read on for nifty supplies for any student. Today only, RadTech is offering 20 percent off regularly-priced backpacks, cases, laptop bags and sleeves, in...

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Found Footage: $2 multitouch screen, made with iSight

Multitouch is all the rage lately, but one of the drawbacks is that it's still pretty expensive. Enter this ingenious device-- it's a bag with dye colored water in it. That bag is then laid flat on a glass table, an iSight camera is placed underneath, the computer is coded (it appears, anyway) to l...

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TUAW Review: Higher Ground Shuttle

As a bag geek, I'm always excited to see something new and novel kinds of cases. While walking around the show floor at Macworld back in January, I was delighted to come across something I've been looking for as long as I can remember– a soft sleeve with rigid protection. The case in questi...

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iPod-compatible Pet Carrier

Did the Lifepop Stereo Pet Carrier really "steal the spotlight" at the Oscars? Unless you believe those wacky PR dudes (and who would?), probably not but it's a pretty cool iPod-compatible accessory. You can use it to carry around your pooch as he or she rocks out to your music, or whimpers in abjec...

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Incase hints at new Ripstop Backpack

Incase has posted a couple of teaser shots in their gallery of a new bag on the way, the Ripstop Backpack. Available in July from Apple, this bag looks to be a full-sized backpack that can carry more than just an Apple portable, a magazine and a pack of gum (I kid - I'm a big fan of Incase's stuff)...

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A quick glance at MacBook sleeve cases

Now that laptop case manufacturers have had a few weeks to react to the new MacBook, they've started to release an array of sleeves that fit perfectly around the MacBook's refined curves. There's something for everyone here, whether you want a sleeve with a little more padding than usual, a sleeve t...

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Home grown boombox bag

Who needs an iPod Hi Fi? Not Shannon Okey. In her book knitgrrl, she shows off a great "boombox" bag she made. The front pocket holds an iPod, which in turn connects to "...a set of cheap Radio Shack speakers" on the bag's interior. I think this is pretty nice (and a heck of a lo...

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Chic laptop bags for that new MacBook Pro

When it comes to toting around that new MacBook Pro, you want nothing but the best to hug and snuggle your new baby computer. For MacBook Pros (and 15" PowerBooks) I am going to have to point the ladies to alex grant bags. My favorite bag is the understated Skye in gunmetal gray (pictured here)...

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