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Band accuses Apple of ripping off their music video concept

There was a lot to see during yesterday's epic Apple event, and it all started with a very cool video called "Perspective." The 2-minute clip is a pretty standard event-opening video for Apple, stating some principles the company believes in and patting the user on the back for being part of it. I...

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Pink Floyd, Sting release biography apps

Just coincidentally, I decided today to pull up some Sting on Spotify and listen to some old tracks. Turns out the musician released a big box set called Sting: 25 Years a few months ago, featuring three CDs worth of his songs, both old and remastered. And just recently, to go with that set, he...

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First music video shot with the iPhone 4S

A band called The Turnback nabbed a few iPhone 4Ses as quickly as they could, and scheduled a music video shoot right around launch, opting to be the first to fire off a music video using just the iPhone 4S and its new HD camera. As you can see below, it looks pretty good -- not quite as good a...

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Pomplamoose covers the Angry Birds theme

I'm a big fan of Pomplamoose, the fun indie duo of musicians Jack Conte and Nataly Dawn that often posts song covers on YouTube, and I was happy to see that their latest cover is directly iPhone-related. They're apparently big fans of Angry Birds, and they've put together a "videosong" cover of...

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10 cool videos of the iPhone as a music instrument

The hyperbole around the iPhone platform has become hyperbolic itself, so I'll spare you the deconstruction of what is now an obvious conclusion: the iPhone has musical chops. The dizzying array of apps on the store has led to quite a few musical apps as well. It makes sense, as the multi-touch scr...

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The 88 song recorded on iPhone and released in iTunes Store

Remember that time you were on tour with The B-52's and had a great idea for a song, but there was no recording equipment to be found? Oh wait, that was The 88. Well anyway, The 88 recently recorded their latest single with nothing but an iPhone and the Sonoma Wire Works Four Track application, acco...

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