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Chitika: iPhone 5 beating out Samsung Galaxy S III in web usage already

The latest report from mobile marketing firm Chitika notes that the iPhone 5 has already supplanted the Samsung Galaxy S III in general web data usage after only a few weeks on the market. The Galaxy S III shipped in May 2012 and the iPhone 5 hit shelves in late September, yet Apple's handset i...

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CIO Journal walks back claim of Retina MacBook Pro's demand on bandwidth

In March, the Wall Street Journal's CIO Journal claimed that the iPad 3 would burden corporate networks because of its high-definition display. This week, the same writer doubled down on the claim for the new MacBook Pro, arguing that "better quality displays require more network bandwidth." He...

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AT&T considers "Family Plans" for wireless data

During an interview with CNET, AT&T's mobile business CEO Ralph de la Vega revealed the company would soon introduce a family data plan. This would allow customers to buy a sharable data bucket, letting that purchased bandwidth be used across multiple devices. de la Vega told CNET that he w...

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Siri VC Morgenthaler weighs in on iPhone 4S bandwidth badmouthing (Updated)

Back in early January, wireless optimization firm Arieso released a report on the bandwidth usage profiles of various smartphones and other devices. It noted a surge in download and upload usage for the iPhone 4S, moving the new phone ahead of the iPhone 4 and various Android devices to take over t...

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Verizon data plans leaked, unlimited users will be grandfathered in

Android Central says it's nabbed an official document laying out the brand new Verizon data plans that are scheduled to take effect next month, and there's good news for those of you currently using an iPhone on Verizon with an unlimited plan: it looks like you'll be grandfathered in. We were...

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Verizon unlimited data to end in July

Bad news, Verizon users. The rumors were true, and Verizon will be ending its unlimited data plan this July. According to AllThingsD, Verizon confirms it's moving "to a more usage based model in July," with exact details to come later on. Unfortunately, it's unclear what Verizon still plans t...

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AT&T aggressively moving against unauthorized tethering

AT&T is ruining a lot of people's days with a customer mailshot explaining that its "records show that you use [tethering] but are not subscribed to our tethering plan." iOS, of course, will disable the built-in tethering facility if you do not have an appropriate carrier plan. There are a ...

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AT&T's Richard Lindner: "Exclusive arrangements end."

If you agree with Consumer Reports' take on AT&T's terrible wireless service, the good news is that you might not have that much longer to wait. "Exclusive arrangements end," AT&T's CFO Richard Lindner told the UBS Media and Communications Conference earlier this week. If you think that soun...

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T-Mobile FCC memo cites Android app that caused network chaos

Remember, back in 2007 -- you know, Year One BTAS (Before The App Store) -- when Steve Jobs gave Apple's rationale for keeping the iPhone a closed platform versus allowing native app development? "Cingular doesn't want to see their West Coast network go down because some application messed up," he f...

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AT&T uplink performance issues tied to Alcatel-Lucent equipment

Spokespersons for AT&T have responded to our queries in regard to decreased uplink performance that we posted about earlier this week. According to AT&T, this is due to a software defect in Alcatel-Lucent equipment, affecting only some portions of their customer base. The full statement from...

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Is AT&T capping iPhone upload speeds? Inquiring minds want to know

The MacRumors forums are abuzz with users comparing their recent upload speeds. TUAW reader Becca Holmes tipped us that iPhone users are experiencing uploads that appear to be capped at 100 kbps rather than the 1.6mbps that was a previous norm. Users have been comparing rates captured with tools ...

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What really happened with Wi-Fi on the iPhone 4

WWDC is wrapping up here in San Francisco today, and after a week of having most of the best Apple developers in the world all in one place, we're hearing some speculation and solutions for what happened to Steve Jobs on stage Monday. He had Wi-Fi issues while accessing the New York Times website du...

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FCC wants to know your mobile broadband speed

You may remember that Verizon started running ads a while ago showing AT&T's anemic 3G coverage map. AT&T responded by saying "Our coverage includes 97% of the country!" In the small print on Verizon's ads they make it clear that AT&T does have coverage outside of 3G. In the small print ...

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Sling offers app update for Windows phones that includes 3G streaming on AT&T

Well, thanks AT&T. In the past I've vented my frustration that the much awaited SlingPlayer Mobile app for the iPhone was crippled by a new AT&T rule that didn't allow place shifting of TV signals on their network. The rule appeared to be specifically written to ban the SlingPlayer. As a ...

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Experiencing the iChat woes? Try the Connection Doctor

Now in its fifth iteration, iChat has gained a host of features as it has matured. However, the addition of new features has brought on new complexities and requirements, including both hardware and bandwidth issues. For instance, at the time of its release, iChat 3 users needed a minimum of a Dual...

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