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Simple rebuilds backend from scratch, releases new apps

Over the past several months my favorite online bank, Simple, has been working feverishly to update their back end. Today it released an updated app that compliments the under-the-hood changes made to its systems. Simple, if you don't know, is a banking services company that was founded with mobil...

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Bank of England releases app to show off all its gold bling

The Bank of England has released an interesting educational app called Bank of England Virtual Tour. The app gives users a virtual tour inside the Bank of England via panoramic interactive photos. The coolest part is that it lets you go inside the Bank of England's gold vault. The BoE stores over ...

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Slate throws Apple a $100B idea, suggests iBank

In an interesting -- not to say wildly speculative -- essay, Slate Magazine's Karim Bardeesy says that Apple should take some of its $28 billion and start a bank. During Wednesday's conference call, Apple CFO Peter Oppenheimer made it clear that the company was looking to keep its cash right where ...

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iPod used to steal $100 million (in a movie)

The iPod is being turned into everything from Halloween costumes to stethoscope training tools, and now it apparently is being used to help steal hundreds of millions of dollars - in Hollywood movies, that is (don't worry, this won't be a spoiler). Apparently Harrison Ford uses an iPod to permanentl...

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