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Tag: banking

Discover says it's "in discussions with Apple" to bring Discover cards to Apple Pay

Apple Pay is now out in the wild and the early reviews have thus far been positive, with the entire process working as seamlessly as Apple's demo video indicated. As it stands now, Apple Pay currently works with MasterCard, Visa, and American Express credit cards. And conspicuously missing fr...

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A simple guide to setting up Apple pay

Monday October 20 is the first day Apple Pay will be available to use at select retailers across the U.S., but will you be ready to bust out your phone and make a purchase? Here's a handy walkthrough for making sure you're ready when you hit the register. Step 1: Own a new iOS device Sorry...

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A Simple reminder: Update iOS or else

As soon as Apple updated iOS to versions 7.0.6 and 6.1.6 to fix an SSL vulnerability, TUAW let you know about it. Apparently some people still haven't updated, and app-enabled bank Simple has sent out a tersely-worded reminder to its customers letting them know that if they don't update before Mon...

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GoBank is bringing an online-only bank to your iPhone

Prepaid debit card company Green Dot is making the next (logical?) step in its business with the launch of GoBank, a bank that exists only on the web... and on your iPhone. As reported by AllThingsD, a key component of the new bank is a mobile app developed by the team responsible for Loopt, a ch...

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Capital One Bank to accept iPhone check deposits

Joining the growing ranks of iPhone-friendly financial institutions, Capital One is now accepting business check deposits via a standalone iOS app. As TechCrunch reports, the app can't be simply downloaded and used; Capital One business clients must first email the Capital One Treasury Management ...

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Mobile banking growing in the US and Europe

Forrester Research released a new report saying mobile banking is growing both here in the US and overseas in Europe. By 2017, says the report, mobile banking will be used by 108 million people in the US, or about 46% of those holding bank accounts in the US. Currently, only about 13% of accoun...

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Study shows iPhone owners open to mobile payments

A British study by research and consulting firm YouGov reveals that almost half of iPhone owners are open to making mobile payments. As noted by GigaOM, the study says 46% of iPhone owners in the UK would be willing to pay bills using their iPhone, 62% would transfer funds from one account to a...

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Bank app lets you pay bills with iPhone camera

Danske Bank just made it easier to spend money. Banking customers can now pay bills with nothing more than a photo and a tap, boosting the convenience of online payments. Danske Bank's official app is available for iPhone, iPad, iPod touch and Android devices. Once installed, users simply launch...

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Deposit checks with your iPhone

Update: This app is now available. Earlier this summer I took a paperless vacation abroad, thanks to my iPhone and Evernote. I could have done a digital boarding pass for extra efficiency, but I was happy enough with my experience. The digital boarding pass is a matrix code sent to your phone or PDA...

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First Look: Mobile Banking on AT&T

While a lot of us have had internet banking for years, who would have thought that AT&T would have come up with a mobile banking app that lets you check accounts and pay bills for a number of banks through a single iPhone app? Mobile Banking on AT&T (click opens iTunes) from Firethorn Holdin...

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Doin' the Moneydance 2008r2

Keeping track of personal finances isn't usually something to dance about, but with the newly released Moneydance 2008r2 for Mac, you might at least do a little happy dance whenever your checking account balance is in the black. Moneydance is a full-featured personal finance manager with online ba...

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