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Apple sapphire source GT Advanced Technologies wants to shutter plant

Re/Code is reporting that GT Advanced Technologies, the company Apple tapped to begin looking into making device screens from synthetic sapphire, is requesting court permission to close its plant in Arizona. This comes days after the surprise announcement that GT had filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy...

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Apple taking ownership of patents acquired from Kodak

Last year, a group of 12 licensees bid on 1,100 digital photography patents that were being sold by Kodak as part of bankruptcy proceedings. Although the venerable photography company was hopeful that the sale would be enough to help it restructure, the portfolio sold for only US$525 million to th...

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Kodak sells imaging patents to pay down debt

Struggling imaging company Kodak announced today that it sold its digital imaging patents to pay off its debts as it moves through bankruptcy. The US$525 million portfolio was purchased by patent licensing companies Intellectual Ventures and RPX Corporation. Intellectual Ventures will pay a por...

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Google and Apple team up to buy Kodak patents

Google and Apple are more often seen as rivals rather than teammates, but they've joined forces to pool a bid of US$500 million to buy patents from bankrupt Eastman Kodak Co. The companies are planning to buy some of Kodak's 1,100 imaging patents in a bankruptcy auction. Apple was part of a g...

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Judge permits Kodak's patent auction despite Apple's objections

US Bankruptcy Judge Allan Groper said in a Tuesday hearing that struggling Kodak can auction off more than 1,100 patents as part of its bankruptcy restructuring plan, according to a Bloomberg report. The sale will go forward, despite Apple's objection to the auction and its outstanding ownershi...

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Kodak accuses Apple of interfering with patent sale

Things are getting heated in Kodak's patent battle with Apple. In a recent court filing noticed by Total Telecom, Kodak accused the Cupertino company of trying to interfere in its upcoming patent auction in order to avoid paying US$1 billion in penalties and royalty fees. According to the cou...

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Apple denied request to continue litigation against bankrupt Kodak

U.S. Bankruptcy Judge Allan Gropper said Thursday that Apple cannot pursue litigation against Kodak while the camera company is still in bankruptcy, says a Reuters report. The judge said it would be an "inappropriate way forward" to let Apple pursue current court cases or file new ones at this time...

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Kodak asks bankruptcy court to decide on patent dispute with Apple

Kodak is asking the bankruptcy court to make a decision about an imaging patent that's part of a lawsuit with Apple, says a report in Computerworld. The disputed patent is owned by Kodak and describes a camera that takes high quality stills and lets the user review these images on an LCD. Kodak an...

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Apple to pursue legal action against bankrupt Kodak

Bankrupt Kodak has been upfront about its strategy to generate revenue from its robust patent portfolio through litigation. In the past year, Kodak has sued Apple, HTC, RIM, Samsung, and Fujifilm using various imaging recording and processing patents. Apple isn't taking this lying down and, as Bloo...

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Psystar alienates the Hackintosh community, too

Say what you will about Psystar, the community that continues to sell computers running OS X, despite bankruptcy, constant legal problems with Apple, and a case so slim even their own legal team gave up. Sure, they're out of reason, out of room, and way out of line, but at least they've got plenty o...

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Psystar bankruptcy dismissed, stays against Apple blocked

Over the weekend, The Mac Observer posted a detailed analysis of the latest chapter in the Psystar saga. It's taken me a few days to come down from vacation and try to wrap my brain around the legalese, but here's the condensed version of what happened. Psystar was granted its motion to dismiss its...

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Psystar files for Chapter 11, tucks tail between legs

In the fight for the right to party sell unauthorized Mac clones, there may be a victor declared sooner rather than later -- if not legally, then fiscally. Psystar, which has been playing with fire for quite some time, recently hit a snag in its battle with Apple. The Mac Observer is reporting that ...

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