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A pair of putrid pink phone protectors

There are plenty of poorly conceived iPhone cases out there, but it's rare that you see a company really knock it out of the park with a bad design only to follow it up with an even worse one. Moschino, an Italian luxury firm that dreams up all manner of absurd fashion accessories, has really Ba...

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Can ThinkGeek's April product introductions get any geekier?

Where do they get those wonderful toys? Yes, the mad geniuses at ThinkGeek once again are offering a slate of new products scheduled to go on sale today. If you're an iPad owner, there are some great choices here; the Hungry Hungry Hippos iPad game shown above looks fun, and the Barbie digita...

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App Review: Fashion Fix by Roiworld

Ever wanted to play an iPhone memory game about dressing up an avatar? Ever wish that the cute brother of your best friend would admire your fashion sense and want to go out on date with you? Well, now there's Fashion Fix for iPhone. And...let me be blunt. Fashion Fix is the most inane waste of tim...

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