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Tag: barcode

New iOS SDK features for developers

Some of the iOS SDK features that were quickly touched on by Craig Federighi today sound fascinating, although we won't get details on some of them until later. Here are some that I found to be the most interesting: New multitasking APIs -- this should enable apps that you use most often to upd...

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Three handy Mac tools for working with QR Codes

You might not think about them much. When you do, it might be to decry the invasion of robot vomit onto every ad, billboard and poster. Still, the humble two-dimensional QR Code -- originally developed by a Toyota subsidiary to assist in automotive manufacturing -- has become ubiquitous. QR Cod...

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Daily iPhone App: Consmr makes grocery comparisons easy

Consmr is another barcode scanner app that just released on the App Store that's targeted at groceries and pharmacy products. There are lots of barcode apps out there: ShopSavvy is one of the more popular, and we've covered RedLaser before, and all of these work pretty much the same: Aim your i...

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Mountain Lion may be able to scan a barcode, install an app

It's early days with the developer preview of OS X 10.8 Mountain Lion, but there are already a few interesting tidbits peeking out around the corners of the developer NDA. We've heard that the system includes a new 'CoreRecognition' framework and a 'CRCodeRedeemer' class, both of which appear to be...

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Amazon's iPhone app gets barcode scanning update

Earlier today, Keith reported that Delicious Library developer Wil Shipley had barcode scanning on his radar as a future iteration for the late, lamented iPhone version of the popular catalog app. Lo and behold, within a few hours the newest update to the Amazon Mobile app hit the store -- featuring...

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FileMaker Go update adds PDF creation, photo import

The latest revision to FileMaker's two mobile database apps, FileMaker Go 1.1 for iPhone and for iPad (two separate products), gives the Go team a few vital new features for users on the move. First up: PDF creation in-app, which allows you to take a database report page or form and instantly create...

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The Barcodescan Pro app helps you find the best price

Barcodescan Pro [iTunes Link] is an app that uses the autofocus camera of an iPhone running OS 3.1 or better to scan a bar code and provide a variety of information on the product including pictures, high and low prices and more depending upon how much information is in the Barcodescan database. ...

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RedLaser for iPhone scans for bargains

I wouldn't have thought it was possible to get an iPhone to capture barcodes clearly, but Occipital has done it with a new $1.99US iPhone app called RedLaser [App Store]. Why capture barcodes? One good use is to find better prices for a product. Scan a product in the store, then RedLaser captures th...

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Your iPhone 3G contains a hidden code

An iPhone user in Australia was playing around with his camcorder's NightShot mode (which can see through some materials), when he found that behind the rear plastic clamshell is a DataMatrix 2D barcode. Engadget suspects the barcode is the handset's IMEI and serial numbers. If you have the abili...

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iPhone on the Road: a substitute for paper boarding passes

Some things sound really cool -- until you actually have to step up and do them in real time. TUAW reader Gerald Buckley's story about traveling with his iPhone strikes me as belonging to this class. When he approached the American Airlines counter to use his iPhone as a boarding pass, the coolness ...

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Show floor video: Intelliscan Mini does handheld media inventory

We are blessed on the Mac platform with many good ways to keep track of our stuff -- but Intelliscanner takes it to the next level, with a range of integrated scanner and software solutions that will have you tracking your movies, books, wine and comics with barcoded accuracy and ease. We visited th...

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Delicious Library 2 preview

Scott Stevenson has posted a very short but sweet preview of Delicious Library 2, due out sometime after Leopard hits next week (according to Wil Shipley, it may be as late as February). The already beautiful program (that coined a generation) looks better than ever, and it's made better, we're to...

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