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Target, Best Buy post Black Friday deals: $195 iPod touch with gift card rebate (Updated)

Shopping season is here, with a vengeance. The circulars and sales sheets are popping up like discounted weeds, and while most Apple products aren't eligible for steep discounts at retail, the big chains do find a way to make it worth your while. US retail giant Target has posted its two-day ...

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TUAW's Daily iOS App: First Touch Soccer

If you enjoy soccer or soccer video games and happen to own an iPhone, First Touch Soccer is a must-buy. I'm not a big fan of soccer, but this is an impressively premium title with great visuals, solid controls and lots of extras, including home team themed menus, multiple modes, social integra...

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Office 2011 gets hefty discounts for Black Friday

The official Office for Mac blog just posted a list of places interested buyers can get Office for Mac 2011 at reduced cost throughout the Black Friday/Cyber Monday weekend. Here are the prices you'll get if you buy during the US Thanksgiving holiday weekend from these retailers (note the special sa...

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Dozen Daily Deals for December 28, 2009

'Tis the season to shop until your brains melt (or skip it all entirely, depending on your interpretation of the term holiday). In that spirit, for the next few weeks we'll be rounding up a dozen daily deals courtesy our friends at Each afternoon tune in to TUAW for this handy summary....

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As a parent of two adult children, with one just having left school and the other finishing a Master's degree, I know that buying textbooks at their staggeringly high prices adds insult to the injury of tuition, housing and living expenses. Over the last few years, the market has made historic ...

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What will you do with your old iPhone?

So like a gadzillion people have asked me: "What do I do with my old iPhone now that I'm upgrading to a spiffy new 3G unit?" I thought about doing a top ten list. I thought about clever and amusing ways to use an old iPhone. But seriously, it just comes down to this. So read my lips. Jailbreak it. ...

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MacHeist 2 hype begins with email and forum leaks

Like Mac software? Like stunts designed to promote and sell it? Then guess what, buddy-- you're in luck. It seems MacHeist 2 is just around the corner. Last year's ARG / bargain / Mac software love fest is coming around again, it seems, and while details are slim at the moment, odds are there'll be ...

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Refurb iPod shuffle for $59

Our friends at the Bargainist let us know that Apple is selling refurb silver current gen iPod shuffles for $59. Your $60 gets you the shuffle (no fancy colors though), a shuffle Dock, earphones, and free shipping. Not a shabby deal at all. If you were waiting around to see if you could get a shuffl...

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MacZOT fever spreading with MysteryZOTs

Remember MacZOT, the bargain-a-day shareware site? It seems like it's catching on as wildfire, as they now have a "MysteryZOT" offering that seems to be all the rage. A MysteryZOT is a bundle of a few shareware apps for a ridiculously low price. The catch is that you have to place an order...

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Apple clearing out iMac G5s?

We don't usually mention bargains here on TUAW, as there are plenty of other sites already doing a fine job of that. However, TUAW reader Adam noticed that the 20" iMac G5 has dropped quite a bit in price to $1499 in the online Apple Store, bringing the edu price down even lower to $1399. These...

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