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Shopping in the iOS device bargain bin

Although we're not expecting refurbished iPad Airs to hit Apple's online store for a month or two yet, it's still a terrific time to shop for all things iOS. At US$500, the bottom-line iPad Air may not be discounted, but it still provides excellent value for the dollar. Light, thin and super fast,...

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Dollar Store Accessories: the iPhone Stylus

Today's Dollar Store accessory find is a stylus /pen that, according to the rather prominent advertising on the box is "compatible with cell phones, tablets." It is neither a great pen nor a great stylus, but (and this is important, given the one dollar price point) it is a good example of both. ...

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Apple starts selling refurbished 3rd generation iPads

If you've been waiting for a deal on a third-generation iPad, your wait is over. Apple now has refurbished "new iPads" in the online Apple Store awaiting your credit card info. The pricing isn't too much better than what you'd pay for a brand new iPad, but discounts from 6 to 7 percent across...

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Apple to offer Lunar New Year sale on January 6

TUAW readers in China, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Singapore, Taiwan, Thailand, and the Philippines can look forward to a special Apple promotion this Friday. On January 6, Apple is holding a "special one-day Apple shopping event" for "amazing iPad, iPod and Mac gifts for everyone." As with Apple's ...

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Mac App Store bargains: Plants vs. Zombies and more

The Mac App Store has been a great place to find bargains, and today brings another one that I'm pretty excited about: Plants vs. Zombies is available for US$10, instead of the $20 that PopCap has charged on its website. I've seen several apps that have offered significant discounts in the Mac...

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Dozen Daily Deals for December 27, 2009

'Tis the season to shop until your brains melt (or skip it all entirely, depending on your interpretation of the term holiday). In that spirit, for the next few weeks we'll be rounding up a dozen daily deals courtesy our friends at Each afternoon tune in to TUAW for this handy summary....

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eBay Deals iPhone app pushes bargains in your face

Do you use eBay regularly for shopping for goodies? If you do, and if you're an iPhone or iPod touch owner, you probably ought to turn on your device right now and download the new eBay Deals app [Free, iTunes Link]. In eBay parlance, a deal can be one of two things: An eBay Daily Deal, which ...

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Save a little on your existing AT&T iPhone plan

Update: It appears that this post describes a sponsorship discount (business/school/etc). Those users get a percentage off of their monthly plan ($29.99 voice plan and iPhone data charge excluded). Those who do not see this as an option lack the corporate discount; those who do are seeing what the...

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Friday AppStore Bargains

TUAW is totally deal-icious these days. Here's our second App Store bargain roundup of the week! Equivalence We went hands on with Equivalence just a few days ago and now this converter app is on sale for $1.99 until October 6th. It's normally priced at $4.99. Fuzzle CandyCane is selling Fuzzle for ...

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Deep Discount Apple TV

TUAW reader Cannonball found an amazing deal on Apple TV at Sams Club in Murfreesboro, TN for $153.01. Call your local Sams Club and see whether they are offering clearance Apple TVs as well and, if they are, let us know in the comments. For all of you wondering about the big fuss, not only is Appl...

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Apple lowers price of 8 gig iPhone to $399

There's really no excuse any more. You can now buy an 8GB iPhone for just $399, take it home, activate it, and use it with a prepaid card or existing AT&T account. If the unlocks prove to be working, add TMobile into that equation. What are you waiting for? Is this news enough to get you to buy ...

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iTunes bargain Audio Books

If you're planning a trip and are looking for some inexpensive spoken books, iTunes put up a special 25 books for under $5 page that you might want to check out. These audio books include material ranging from Steven King and Jerry Seinfeld to Elie Wiesel and Ann Coulter. Be aware that most of these...

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iLamps galore at Target

Last night, I took my eldest daughter and headed over to Target to replace our dying handvac. While there, we did our usual end-cap promenade to see what items had received the red-tag blessing of clearance. I was surprised to find several dozen iLamps marked down by 75%, apparently left over from t...

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Save 10% - iTunes $50 gift card for $45 at Costco

Christopher Breen at Playlist's iPod blog found a great little deal on iTunes gift cards. is offering the $50 gift card for $45 while supplies last. Breen mentions that local Costcos brick and mortar retail outlets may have a limited supply available for sale as well. This is a great pric...

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Christmas Bargains

The Kansas City Star points out that prices have dropped on many consumer electronics this shopping season. Case in point? The updated and redesigned iPod Nano is selling for far under Christmas 2005 prices. Take the 4G model. In 2005, you'd spend $249. This year? $199. That's a 20% price drop right...

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