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Tag: basketball

Follow Team USA in the World Cup with USA Basketball

The World Cup of basketball begins later this week in Spain. NBA Properties latest app USA Basketball allows you to closely follow the action of the United States team as it progresses through the three- week long tournament featuring the top twenty-four basketball nations in the world. The...

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How iPads are changing the NBA

Bloomberg TV this week ran a really interesting segment detailing how NBA teams are using iPads equipped with special software to keep a discerning eye on player patterns and statistics, all in an effort to increase player and team performance on the court. Provided by a company called...

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Sports Feed for iPhone is simple and quick

I have two folders of sports-related apps on my iPhone. Lately, however, I find myself frequently using Sports Feed, a free iPhone app that gives me a quick overview of scores and the latest sports news. To get up and running, you launch the app, and it asks you what you are interested in,...

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NCAA March Madness Live app comes to iOS

It's March which means it's time for the college basketball tournament season. Celebrate March Madness with the NCAA's new March Madness Live app which lets you watch all the televised games from 2012 NCAA Division I Men's Basketball Championship on your iPad or iPhone. The video coverage starts...

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TUAW's Daily App: NBA JAM

Yes, the classic NBA JAM title has been released by EA for iOS, and it's got everything you remember from the old console version: the crazy announcers, the quick games and even some kooky special characters. The iPhone version was released a little while ago for US$4.99, but this week EA has...

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Apple TV update adds MLB, NBA streaming

It's not just the mobile iOS devices that got some update love today. The current-model Apple TV also has a software update (to version 4.2), which adds some intriguing features for sports fans. The marquee features of this update are the additions of MLB.TV and NBA Game Time as streaming...

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Los Angeles Apple stores offering exclusive headphones this NBA All-Star weekend

If you're around Los Angeles and need some new headphones this weekend, your local Apple Store has a deal for you. To celebrate the NBA All-Star Game, Skullcandy is selling its NBA All-Star Aviator headphones in Apple Stores exclusively, this weekend only. At $180 they're not cheap, but they are...

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Quick thinking and an iPhone app saves a student's life

During a team practice session last week, 17-year-old Xavier Jones, a basketball star playing for La Verne Lutheran in California, collapsed on the court as his heart stopped beating. It was a lucky thing that his coach, Eric Cooper, had downloaded Phone Aid, a US$1.99 iPhone app about CPR, just the...

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CBS Sports March Madness app will stream your games live

I'm much more of a baseball fan (go Cubs!), but of course it is now March, and that means college basketball is about to heat up. CBS Sports has now released an official March Madness On Demand app, and just like the great MLB iPhone app, this one also offers streaming video on demand of 63 March...

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PowerMac panel reused as Nerf backboard

Cult of Mac comes up with yet another classic re-use of an old Mac: they posted about this PowerMac G5 sidepanel that's been turned into an office space Nerf basketball backboard. The cardboard setup apparently broke down, so they replaced it with this Apple logo-labeled sidepanel from an old...

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March Madness comes to the iPhone

The NCAA and CBS Sports have teamed up to stream the upcoming Men's College Basketball Championship tournament for free online at NCAA March Madness on Demand. You can watch the "high quality" videos online for free, but even more interesting is a nifty $4.99 iPhone / iPod touch app (iTunes link)...

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First Look: StreetBall for iPhone/iPod touch, win a free copy

Are you tired of being bored when you are on a long trip? Want to play some b-ball while you are stuck in a class? If you are inclined to do so, Streeball could help you out. A new game for the iPhone/iPod touch, Streetball [iTunes link] gives you a classic basketball game anywhere you happen to be....

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Office Pool 2007

I'm not a basketball fan, but I know that March Madness fever is sweeping the nation. Many folks are creating office pools for a little harmless wagering, and Office Pool 2007 makes it much easier to keep track of who is in, and how they are doing. It has a number of very cool features (FTP, a PHP...

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