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iBeacon tech at Coachella and other news for April 9, 2014

Here's your AM roundup of Apple news. This time around it's Apple vs. Samsung (again), iBeacon goes to Coachella and improving Apple Maps. Apple has laid out its claim against Samsung, and it's a whopper. The Cupertino company is after US$2.2 billion in damages. The President of Quantitative Econom...

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Morning news roundup for January 3

Good morning, everyone. While the northeastern United States is buried in show, Apple fans in the southern hemisphere are enjoying a warm, sunny day. What a world! Let's look at the Apple news, shall we? Apple's iBeacon tech to be featured at CES. The CEA is setting up a scavenger hunt of sorts, ...

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Which universal remote for iOS should you choose?

This week I ran in-depth reviews of three iOS-based universal remote systems. Each uses a separate remote unit, as opposed to dongle-based IR blasters like the Ri remote and others. We'll take a look at those other IR remotes another time. The question is, of the Peel, UnityRemote and Beacon, w...

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Griffin Tech's Beacon: A highly customizable universal remote

Griffin debuted an early version of the Beacon at CES, but it has only recently become available for sale. The Beacon is another iOS-controllable IR blaster combo to control all your audio/video components. Like the UnityRemote, there's a Bluetooth IR blaster. Unlike the UnityRemote, however, G...

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