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TUAW's Daily App: mScribble

Bebot is still one of my favorite apps on the App Store, and mScribble, a recently revamped app from Appular and a developer named Panpipes Ho!, reminds me a lot of Bebot in its simplicity and versatility. That's pretty high praise indeed if you're as big a fan of Bebot as I am, but if you've never ...

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TUAW's Daily App: Bebot

I'm really happy that I've found an excuse to mention Bebot here in this space -- it might be my favorite app in the entire App Store. We've covered it before here on TUAW -- it's a musical instrument, basically, with the added bonus of having a super cute singing robot as a mascot. And I've never ...

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Three apps for iPhone that look great on iPad

Universal binaries? These apps don't need no stinking universal binaries! That is, the following three apps are not tuned for iPads. A universal binary will switch to the "iPad version" of the app for that device. So you might have MobileStudio on your iPhone, but it also looks great on the iPad ...

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Found Footage: Singing with a quartet of iPhones

Happy weekend! Here's a girl from Korea, named applegirl002 over on YouTube, playing Lady Gaga's "Poker Face" with a quartet of iPhones as accompaniment. Sure, the song's not that great, but look at those iPhones go! She's using I am T-Pain for autotuning the singing, Beatmaker for laying out the...

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10 cool videos of the iPhone as a music instrument

The hyperbole around the iPhone platform has become hyperbolic itself, so I'll spare you the deconstruction of what is now an obvious conclusion: the iPhone has musical chops. The dizzying array of apps on the store has led to quite a few musical apps as well. It makes sense, as the multi-touch scr...

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Bebot turns your iPhone into the cutest instrument ever

I don't think I've ever fallen in love with an app as quickly as Bebot. Not only is it a pretty darn powerful synthesizer with an interesting touchscreen interface, but that robot. That robot! He makes you want to play something, anything, with those cute little closed robot eyes and that dashing tu...

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