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Benchmarking LaCie's speedy Rugged USB 3.0 Thunderbolt SSD drive

LaCie's been supplying Mac users with drives since 1987, but the company's still able to surprise and delight the Mac community with new and innovative products. One that I had been looking forward to testing just showed up at the office -- the new LaCie Rugged USB 3.0 Thunderbolt SSD (starting at $...

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ioSafe 214 NAS: Keeping data safe from fire, water, and drive failures

ioSafe has been around for a while, making mass storage devices that can survive fires and floods -- you know, the things that do happen to people and destroy their usual inexpensive backup hard drives. Lately ioSafe has teamed with Synology to add that company's DiskStation Manager (DSM) to a pai...

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G-Technology G-DOCK ev: Thunderbolt and two removable drives for ultimate flexibility

G-Technology's new G-DOCK ev ($749.95 with two 1 TB G-DRIVEs) is a different animal. Think of having two removable, portable USB 3.0 drives that you can take into the field with you, and then being able to plug those drives into a Thunderbolt dock for high(er) speed transfer of data when you're ba...

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Drobo Mini rocks storage and speed in a small package

Take the ever-expanding storage capabilities of Drobo BeyondRAID storage, throw in some Thunderbolt, and put it all into a small box and what do you have? Drobo Mini (US$649 MSRP, available for much less online). To pack a lot of RAID-protected storage in a small space, Drobo chose to use 2.5" SA...

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iPad Air: Unboxing, first impressions and benchmarks

Today's the first day of availability for the new iPad Air, and after totally forgetting to order it online at 1 AM MT, I got onto the online Apple Store at around 7:30 AM to order one. After confirming that the model I wanted -- 32 GB, silver, AT&T -- was in stock at the Aspen Grove Apple Sto...

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iPhone 5s slaps down competitors in early benchmarks

Zach Epstein at BGR gives us a good, yet short summary of a rather lengthy (13 pages) review of the iPhone 5s posted on Anandtech by Anand Lal Shimpi. In his article, iPhone 5s slaughters its quad-core rivals in performance tests despite having "just" a dual-core CPU and 1 GB of RAM. Zach notes th...

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3DMark arrives for iOS, allows you to benchmark across platforms

Good benchmarking apps on mobile are few and far between, especially on iOS. But that's all set to change today with the release of 3DMark from Futuremark. 3DMark is one of the world's most popular cross-platform benchmarking apps, and now that it's available on iOS, it will allow users to benchma...

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Early Mac Pro benchmarks show major speed increase

The new Mac Pro isn't supposed to launch until later on this year, but Geekbench has nabbed a new set of benchmarking tests which appear to be from the new machine itself. The computer is labeled as "AAPLJ90,1" in the report, which seems strange, considering that a retail build would probably be...

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2013 MacBook Air benchmarks from AnandTech

The new MacBook Air went on sale this week, and customers want to know how this year's Haswell models compare to last year's Ivy Bridge units. Yesterday, Engadget benchmarked the new MacBook Air looking primarily at the SSD drive performance and now AnandTech has published its own report that incl...

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MacTech finds Parallels beating VMWare Fusion again in annual virtualization rundown

MacTech has posted its annual rundown of benchmarks between two of the most popular virtualization solutions out there on the Mac: VMware Fusion 5 and Parallels Desktop 8. Both are of course used to run Windows-compatible software inside of an OS X environment, and especially on the high end IT...

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Parallels 8 and VMware Fusion 5 go head-to-head in benchmark testing

Over the past two weeks, both VMware and Parallels released new versions of their flagship virtualization software for the Mac. First on the scene was VMware Fusion 5 (US$49.99 - $99.99), and last week Parallels Desktop 8 for Mac ($79.99) arrived. Both offer faster performance, compatibility wi...

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Report: iOS beats Android at HTML5 rendering

AllThingsD reports that, which makes a cross-platform gaming SDK, has tested the speed of HTML5 rendering on iOS and Android. The results show that iOS is faster by far. Spaceport used its own benchmark, called the "PerfMark," which counts the number of moving images on a screen at 30 ...

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MacTech benchmarks Parallels and VMware Fusion

The 2011 MacTech Conference starts up here in Los Angeles today, and TUAW will have reports and interviews live from the conference all week. Before things begin, however, MacTech has been busy benchmarking (as usual). Its latest benchmarking showdown features virtualization software options Pa...

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Geekbench scores benchmark iPhone 4S A5 at 800MHz

Here is some good news and bad news for prospective iPhone 4S owners. The bad news is that the iPhone 4S has a dual-core 1GHz CPU, but its clocked to 800 Mhz. The good news is that, even with slower clock speeds, the 4S still beats the pants off the iPhone 4 and other Android smartphones. ...

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Macworld benchmarks: Mac mini BTO can match iMac performance

As the closest Apple comes to a "budget model" Mac, the Mac mini usually turns out to be substantially less powerful than the larger, more expensive iMac. However, Macworld discovered via recent benchmarks that a build-to-order current-generation Mac mini can meet or exceed many performance ...

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