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Shopkick, Best Buy team up to use location-based app for loyalty program

I've been a member of Best Buy's rewards program for a little while now -- as long as I'm spending way too much of my hard-earned money at the big box retailer, I figure I might as well try to get some of it back. And I was pretty impressed with what they've done on their website with the program --...

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No non-preorder iPhones at AT&T stores until June 29th

Remember that guy who's supposedly been camped out for a week or so, in order to be first in line for an iPhone 4? Well, it's a damn good thing he's in front of an Apple Store and not AT&T. If you were one of the unlucky ones who didn't get into the AT&T pre-ordering window, then hoping y...

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Best Buy selling iPods in a vending machine

I was in Anaheim, CA over the weekend (covering BlizzCon for our sister site WoW Insider) and while Macs were in short supply for most of the time, I did notice something Apple-related in LAX on my way out of the city yesterday. Best Buy recently started up a vending machine program which allows y...

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