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iPad with Bible app saves the day at firefighters swearing-in ceremony

In an interesting little twist to an otherwise standard swearing-in ceremony, an iPad with a Bible app came to the rescue of some firefighters. According to NBC 40, several Atlantic City-based firefighters were being promoted to the ranks of Battalion Chiefs and Fire Captains when officials pre...

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Accordance 10 changes everything for the better

I have used Accordance Bible Study software for several years, but version 10 (which was released a few months ago) caught me completely by surprise. I knew that there was a new version coming out, but I had not been a part of the beta process and I had not read anything about it before it wa...

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Free Accordance Bible study software for iOS now available

Accordance, the publisher of the Mac-only Bible study software that I've reviewed before (see here and here) and included in my "best Mac apps" of 2010, has released their long-awaited iOS app for iPad or iPhone/iPod touch. As mentioned in the official release notice, the free universal app includes...

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Accordance 9 is another big step forward in Bible study software

Accordance, long regarded as the premier Bible study software for the Mac, has a new version 9 that's now available for download. At first glance, it may look at a lot like version 8, but that's because most of the changes have gone on under the hood. Don't let that fool you into thinking this isn't...

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Questions about God? There's an app for (and against) that

Many iPhone users have become accustomed to using their devices to settle arguments. Arguing over the best route to take for your weekend getaway? Pull out the Maps app or one of the many iPhone GPS apps. Found someone who doesn't believe that Inigo Montoya and Jason Gideon are played by the sa...

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Logos brings free Bible study tools to the iPhone

We've mentioned Logos for Mac before, but now there is Logos Bible Software for iPhone (iTunes link), a free app providing access to several translations of the Bible and other Bible study books (most of the ones available at http://bible.logos.com). That's pretty good. If you create a free accou...

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Logos for Mac worth the wait for Bible students

I have been waiting for Logos for Mac, the Bible research application suite, for over a year. I take that back: I have been waiting for Logos for the Mac for over five years, when I first switched to Mac after a brief and unfortunate experience in the Windows world. Before we go any further I must ...

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First Look: HANDiBIBLE for iPhone

As TUAW's own Robert Palmer noted a few weeks ago, there are over 20 Bible applications available for iPhone. Some require an Internet connection to query an online Bible database, while others store the text on the device. HANDiBIBLE (formerly Pocket Bible) is one of the latter apps, and is now ava...

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Bible: 19 translations on your iPhone

When I was going through a minor existential crisis a few years ago, I read the Bible from cover to cover. The copy I had was the rattiest, oldest paperback version I could find: I got it for two bucks at a library booksale. The Bible app for iPhone and iPod touch, however, beats even that, becaus...

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