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Tag: bicycle

Track your bicycle trips with BikeTool

If you ride in bicycle races, as a form of exercise of just enjoy a leisurely ride on your bicycle, BikeTool would be worth your investigation. The free and ad-free universal app runs on iOS 6.0 or later and is a trip computer and logger that provides cyclists with all kinds of information to he...

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Soen Audio's sexy Transit XS Bluetooth speaker launches on Kickstarter

Bluetooth speakers are a hot growth item in the mobile world. It seems like every week, TUAW is inundated with pitches for a few more speakers from companies ranging from high-end audio equipment manufacturers to those that we say "Who?" about. The speakers range from cheap and dirty to high-end a...

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Divoom Voombox Ongo: Rugged and bike-friendly Bluetooth speaker

Divoom is getting a name for itself for making inexpensive Bluetooth speakers. While the company is probably best known for the little Bluetune Bean and Solo speakers, they've just come out with a new speaker that adds weather resistance, long playback time, Bluetooth 4.0 and a bike mount to the m...

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Horn Bike: the bike-mounted passive amplifier for iPhone 4

My favorite way to get around in London is cycling. And everyone knows that an iPhone with its GPS is a cyclist's best friend while navigating a city. But the drawback to cycling with an iPhone is obvious: if it's held in your hand you're going to A.) drop it eventually, or B.) fall off your bi...

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Flickr Find: iPad powering bike stereo

This is pretty cool -- it's a bike-mounted iPad-controlled stereo spotted at a recent meetup for a group of BMX riders. There's not a lot of information on how it was all put together (maybe if user Mikey Wally sees this, he can tell us more in the comments below), but it looks like the iPad is sec...

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Apple bike computer patent surfaces

My Polar CS200 bicycle computer is one of the few standalone gizmos my iPhone hasn't replaced yet. Hooked up wirelessly to sensors on my bike and a chest strap, the CS200 gives me data on speed, cadence, distance, pace, and heart rate during my daily rides. My current bike computer gets the job done...

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iPhone-grabbing thief picks wrong phone at wrong time

We love iPhone/iPad vs. unwitting criminal stories, especially ones that end happily. Across this category, though, it's hard to hold a candle to the story of Jordan Sturm, Horatio Toure, and one particular purloined iPhone. As reported by the Chronicle, Sturm was standing on the street in San F...

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iPad Sprocket Pocket signals bicyclist's intentions

I love cycling and I love the iPad, but you'll never see me using both in unison. Ever. Not so for the cycling enthusiasts at Maya. They've created the "Sprocket Pocket" -- a industrial nylon patch with integrated zipper and protective screen overlay for the iPad that can be ironed or sewn on to ...

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Five useful Apple accessories for students heading off to college

Whether you're on your way back to college, or you're the parent or friend of a college-bound Apple fan, there are a lot of great items on the market this summer that are both functional and fashionable. Back in the prehistoric 1970's when I was a civil engineering student at the University of Co...

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iBikeConsole: take your nano two-wheelin'

I recently got a new bicycle, so I was interested to run across iBikeConsole, a new iPod nano-focused accessory designed for cyclists. It combines two wireless remote controls with a central weather-resistant iPod nano case. The remote controls mount inside the hand grips and can be used while wear...

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