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Flickr Find: iPad powering bike stereo

This is pretty cool -- it's a bike-mounted iPad-controlled stereo spotted at a recent meetup for a group of BMX riders. There's not a lot of information on how it was all put together (maybe if user Mikey Wally sees this, he can tell us more in the comments below), but it looks like the iPad is sec...

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Eight ways to get a killer 'iBike'

Even though the "iBike" is nothing more than a patent application, the folks at Unplggd have described how they'd outdo Apple's offering to the world of bike computers. We must admit, the result includes some seriously geeky, tricked-out options. For example, this DIY USB charger uses a dynamo at...

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Apple bike computer patent surfaces

My Polar CS200 bicycle computer is one of the few standalone gizmos my iPhone hasn't replaced yet. Hooked up wirelessly to sensors on my bike and a chest strap, the CS200 gives me data on speed, cadence, distance, pace, and heart rate during my daily rides. My current bike computer gets the job done...

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5 Apps for the cyclist

Apple products and the bike go together well. They seem to appeal to the same sort of folks: evangelistic, committed aficionados willing to pay any premium, to be brutally honest about it. Oh, and let's not forget, they love to talk at length about these objects of their affection at parties. You kn...

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iBikeConsole: take your nano two-wheelin'

I recently got a new bicycle, so I was interested to run across iBikeConsole, a new iPod nano-focused accessory designed for cyclists. It combines two wireless remote controls with a central weather-resistant iPod nano case. The remote controls mount inside the hand grips and can be used while wear...

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