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Former Color employee talks about Apple's Lala deal

Aubrey Johnson is a former employee of Color, the startup recently acquired by Apple and founded by Bill Nguyen, who sold another company to Apple called Lala. Over on his personal blog, Johnson has put up a post that walks right through the story of how Apple picked up Lala, from the reasoning...

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Former Color Labs employee suing the company and CEO Bill Nguyen

In the wake of social media startup Color's shutdown, a former employee is now suing the exorbitantly funded startup and embattled CEO Bill Nguyen. TechCrunch reports Adam Witherspoon filed a lawsuit alleging "intentional infliction of emotional distress" and is seeking an unspecified figure in da...

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Former Lala CEO says Apple bought them 'for the people'

Lala's Bill Ngyuen had a short video interview with Fortune, and in it Nguyen says that Apple picked up his company specifically "for the people," not for the streaming cloud music service or any of Lala's other assets. Fortune confronts him on the idea of Apple running its own cloud music serv...

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