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Epic Rap Battles of History gets an iOS app

You've probably seen the YouTube series Epic Rap Battles of History before -- they're the wild guys behind the (slightly not safe for work) Steve Jobs and Bill Gates rap battle, where the two creators, Peter Shukoff and Lloyd Ahlquist, face off as the two titans of the computer industry in a ca...

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Sprint: iPhone customers are "more profitable" than others

In an interview with Mobile World Live, Sprint's CEO Dan Hesse says that iPhone users are some of the best cellphone users to have around. Not only are iPhone customers "more profitable" (in that they just plain spend more money, given the price of the iPhone itself), but Hesse says iPhone us...

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Angry Birds' Rovio aiming for $1.2 billion valuation

Rovio, the development company behind the insanely popular iOS game property Angry Birds, is working on getting more funding. A deal is reportedly underway that would put the value of the studio at $1.2 billion. That's billion with a freakin' B, which is an astronomical number for a mobile game...

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iAds could make a billion dollars, help Google make their deal

There's not a lot of details out about Apple's upcoming mobile advertising program, iAds, quite yet, but Broadpoint Amtech is already convinced it's a moneymaker. Analysts there say that the program could generate a whopping US$4.67 billion in revenue in just one year's time. Of course, that's a hi...

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Apple, Inc. market cap now exceeds Walmart

Apple and Walmart have been playing stock market tag over the past few weeks to see which company's market capitalization would be higher. At the time of this writing, Apple's market capitalization of $213.98 billion exceeds Walmart's market cap of $211.14 billion -- a difference of $2.84 billion. C...

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Urbanspoon shaking right along

Urbanspoon is one of the earliest "locator" apps that I put on my iPhone. It offered up a pretty unique (at the time -- this was, of course, before "shake to undo") "shake to find" feature that solved the problem of a big group asking, "Where should we eat tonight?" Apparently it's still doing pret...

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Millions of app store downloads everywhere

Last year was a big one for mobile downloads, according to a number of sources. A Quantcast mobile trends report says that mobile web activity grew 110% in the US throughout 2009, and of course Apple was responsible for most of that, with a 65 from the iPhone and the rest from the iPod touch. Apple...

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Apple announces 2 billion downloads, 85,000 apps from the App Store

Just after reaching 1 billion downloads five months ago, Apple announced this morning that the iPhone App Store has reached 2 billion downloads since its launch in July 2008. Also, Apple announced that 85,000 apps are available to download or buy from the App Store, and there are now over 125,000 re...

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App Store on track to do a billion items by 2009

You read that right -- it took the iTunes Store a few years, but as Roughly Drafted has calculated, Apple's App Store is on track, even if growth stops right now, to hit a billion apps served up by 2009. Obviously not all of those are paid apps, but by any count, that's a ton of applications dumpe...

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Apple's $18 billion stash

Where's all that cash that Apple made from the iPhone and all those iPods, Macs, and iTunes downloads last year going? Why, right into Apple's mattress. According to the Financial Times, Apple currently has $18 billion sitting on their balance sheet, doing nothing much at all. And they're OK with th...

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NY Times talks to the iTunes Billionth Downloader

The New York Times has a brief article profiling Alex Ostrovsky, the billionth downloader on iTunes. Turns out that he is 16 years old, doesn't buy things fro iTunes all that often (though with his new $10,000 iTunes card that is going to change), and he was in need of a new computer (but now has a ...

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iTunes Billion songs countdown

Apple is counting down to the one billionth download from the iTunes Music Store, and as is the tradition they are having a contest. The person that downloads the one billionth song (or video, sadly only paid songs get you into the contest) gets: 1 20-inch iMac 10 60 gig iPods (5 white and 5 b...

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