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iPhone owners have the highest cellular bills among smartphone users

Carriers may not like iPhone users who consume a lot of data, but they cannot complain about the whopping bills these customers pay each month. According to a survey by Consumer Intelligence Research Partners (CIRP) and reported by AllThingsD, almost 60 percent of iPhone users pay more than US$...

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Daily iPhone App: Bills is a colorful bill management and payment tracking app

Bills from Sockii recently landed in the iOS App Store, and we took the bill tracking app for a spin. Like its competitors, Bills has all the core features you need to track and organize your bills. It has statistics to let you see where your money is being spent, categories to help you organ...

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Chronicle: An elegant way of tracking your bills

Let's face it: paying bills is not fun. There's the $75-plus monthly AT&T bill (assuming $40 voice + $30 data + $5 text messages) for your iPhone, the $25-plus broadband bill that your iPhone, iPad, and Mac use, as well as a host of other recurring bills that make life that much more fun and, w...

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The curious case of how bad AT&T sucks Episode 2: Just the Internet - every last bit of it

First AT&T botches what is probably the most significant activation event in mobile phone history, and now they're including the complete data records - and I mean complete - in the first iPhone-related bills they're sending out to customers. Both David Pogue and John Gruber are reporting that t...

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