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Quark 7 goes Universal

Despite some recent logo troubles and the move of design and ad agencies toward Adobe InDesign, Quark seems to be climbing out of the hole it dug itself with its disastrous transition to OS X. Today with version 7.1, QuarkXPress 7–first announced at MacWorld and released in May–became t...

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Camino build optimized for Intel

For Intel Mac users who are just ga-ga for Camino, a helpful MozillaZine Forums user by the name of heronstalker has posted a build of Camino optimized for Intel Macs - but only for Intel Macs. This is not a Universal Binary, it's a... Singular Binary, er something. I ran my old 'n busted copy of Ca...

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Unsanity releases beta of Universal ShapeShifter

In a post aptly titled 'At Long Last!', Unsanity announced a beta of a Universal version of ShapeShifter, their UI haxie for skinning Mac OS X. As the post states, your Intel Mac can finally "get its spank on" (what on Earth are those guys at Unsanity selling??). Obviously, as their post states, thi...

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Weekend review: this week's software

In case you missed them the first time, here is this week's review of software releases, updates, thrills and spills: Shareware Call Recorder plugin for Skype - don't blackmail without it Microsoft Office 2004 for Mac 11.2.5 - vulnerability and bug fixes Mouseposé 2 - new features for...

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Despite the fact that I have a shaky at best grasp on my native English tongue, I am paid to write things. Unfortunately for my paycheck, a combination of ADD and a constant barrage of notifications from NetNewsWire, Mail, Colloquy, and Adium conspire to distract me from my duties. Until of course,...

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A simpler process for creating a bootable PPC and Intel drive

A reader of macosxhints.com has posted another method for creating a bootable drive that is friendly to both PowerPC and Intel Macs. While it's a twelve-step process, macosxhints.com has called it 'simpler', so who are we to argue? If you've been hankering for a way to create a bootable drive that c...

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TechTool Pro 4.5 Announced

Micromat today announced an update to their top-of-the-line system diagnostic and repair software TechTool Pro, bringing the utility to Universal Binary status. As a repair technician, I use TechTool daily to repair corrupted drive volumes, detect failing disks, and stress-test hardware. Although ve...

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Google Earth goes Universal

Google has not only released a beta (of course) version of Google Earth with loads of juicy new features and enhancements, but it has also gone Universal. I can't find any official information at the Google Earth site about the Universal update, but MacUpdate has a link with all the pertinent info....

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Delibar goes Universal

Delibar, what I consider to be the missing link of social bookmarking, has been updated as a Universal Binary. No other major new features have been added, but this is a welcome update to my favorite tool for accessing del.icio.us bookmarks from the menubar. Delibar is donationware and available fr...

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