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iPhone Bingo from TUAW: What's Next?

What's next for the iPhone? TUAW hasn't a clue, but we've got ideas. Kooky ideas, like Chris Pirillo buys an iPhone, loves it, and rants about his errant ways and logical fallacies. We've got some pretty obvious ideas too, like someday iPhone will probably support Java-- maybe. More likely than the ...

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WWDC 2007 Keynote bingo

It wouldn't be a Stevenote without a little bingo thrown in for fun, right? John Siracusa, of Ars Technica, has once again posted a PDF of his bingo card so you can play along on Monday. Just in case you aren't familiar with this whole Keynote bingo thing, here's a quick overview: Steve gets on stag...

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Siracusa takes Keynote Bingo to the next level

A powerful meme, this keynote bingo is. John Siracusa, the Mac muse of Ars Technica, has taken his WWDC Bingo card concept, crossed it with the flock of Macworld Keynote Bingo generators now in circulation, and come up with his canonical Bingo Card for this year's Stevenote. Unlike the randomly gen...

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Keynote Bingo for Macworld 07

These two Macworld 07 Keynote Bingo card generators almost make me wish I wasn't going to be live-blogging said keynote; it would be *so* much fun to be able to leap up and shout bingo in the middle of, say, the 30-inch iMac introduction. Of course, the subsequent beatdown from the surrounding fel...

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