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Tag: biometrics

Touch ID is huge for businesses and employees, but for different reasons

Apple's newly revealed iPhone 5s sports a number of improvements over its predecessor, but if there's one feature that truly sets the device apart from other iPhones (if not from all previous smartphones), it's Touch ID. The Touch ID sensor built into the home button of the 5s can read your finger...

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Apple reveals Touch ID, a fingerprint sensor built into the iPhone 5s

In a move sure to delight security and privacy gurus, Apple revealed today at its iPhone event that the all-new iPhone 5s features a fingerprint sensor built into the home button. The technology is built into a ring around the home button that can scan sub-epidermal layers of your skin in order to...

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iOS 7 beta 4 hints at upcoming iPhone fingerprint sensor

Ever since Apple's purchase of biometric sensor company AuthenTec last year the rumor mill has been abuzz with predictions that a future iteration of the iPhone would employ built-in fingerprint authorization. Now, as 9to5Mac reports, Twitter user Hamza Sood has discovered a folder in the newly re...

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Nuance's 'Nina' vocal assistant SDK may voiceprint users for authentication

Nuance has introduced a brand-new voice interface for smartphones that it's calling Nina -- you can see it in action in a video just posted online. Nina is a mobile OS interface that's open to third-party developers, so it's essentially a Siri that any app developer (willing to read through the...

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Apple's biometric heartbeat patent: And the beat goes on

The US Patent and Trademark Office has posted information about a really interesting patent that Apple applied for in January. Patent application 20100113950 describes a new technology that would bring a heart monitoring biometric security system to electronic devices. Biometrics are nothing new. T...

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Smile for the camera: iFace recognition for iPhone

If you have to be subjected to surveillance, identification and security profiling, might as well have a shiny iPhone in the mix to make the erosion of your privacy rights that much easier to stomach. That's the scenario now that Animetrics' iPhone facial recognition product, iFace, is in limited re...

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MacBook Pro with biometrics

The first thing I do whenever I get new Apple gear is think to myself, 'How can I void the warranty?' Usually I just dunk the machine in a vat of butter milk, but edahc is a little more creative than I am (and handier with a dremmel it would seem). He installed a fingerprint scanner in his new MacBo...

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LaCie introduces biometric access drive

Today LaCie introduced  the Safe Mobile Hard Drive with fingerprint access. To gain access to the drive's contents, the user just swipes his/her finger across the incorporated scanner to unlock the drive's contents. The voodoo that allows this to work is embedded into the drive itself, so nothi...

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