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The iPhone app showdown

This was an intriguing experiment undertaken over at Minimal Mac: Patrick decided to play a little Homescreen Survivor with his iPhone app icons -- he cleared everything off his homescreen, and then only let those apps back on which he used more than once throughout the course of a week. The result?...

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First Look: Interview with Tim Haines, creator of Favit for iPhone

If you read Twitter for laughs, you might be familiar with Favstar, a website which compiles the funniest Twitter posts each day, as determined by the number of 'stars' (which Twitter calls 'favorites'). The developer behind Favstar, Tim Haines, has released a new iPhone app called Favit [iTunes ...

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Let your tweets incubate with Birdhouse for iPhone

Twitter is many things to many people. Some folks use it to keep up with friends or the latest news; others make it their primary tool for online coversation. There exists, however, within the throng of Twitter users, a group of people who use Twitter as the stage from which they deliver their own s...

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