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Ironpants is the only Flappy Bird clone worth a damn, and not even a very big damn

Of all the Flappy Bird clones littering the App Store at the moment, only a fraction of those games is actually playable -- meaning that they're fully functional and can be used without glitches, slowdown or outright crashes. Of that small group, there is but one that I've found that is worth your...

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Daily iPhone App: National Geographic Birds: Field Guide to North America

National Geographic has just launched at new version of its Field Guide to Birds of North America which in printed form is one of THE references for dedicated birders. The app lets you carry around a tremendous amount of information in your pocket about the habits of birds, maps to their habitats...

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TUAW's Daily App: Trucks and Skulls

I'll be honest, at the expense of disagreeing with some of you: I don't really like Angry Birds. Sure, I'll admit it's a quality app, and I obviously can't deny all of those sales. But personally, it's just not my game -- I don't find it nearly as fun as some of the other games on the App Store. ...

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Topping the App Store charts with Angry Birds

Angry Birds is one of the growing number of phenomenal success stories coming out of the App Store. It's a simple game; you drag birds in a slingshot in order to try and get them to knock down structures and hit green pigs. It's really resonated with audiences, though, and just like we heard with Do...

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Macworld 2010: We discuss iBird Pro with Mitch Waite

We had the opportunity to interview Mitch Waite, the developer of iBird Explorer Pro (US$29.99). This is an iPhone/iPod touch App running under OS 3.0 or better. According to Mitch, it is fourteen field guide books rolled into one App. Apple liked the App so much that it was included it in an iPh...

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Mirror's Edge for iPhone trailer

EA has released a trailer for the iPhone version of Mirror's Edge, and I have to say, it's looking good. As we surmised earlier, it's not the same first person gameplay as the console title, but instead it looks like the same running, jumping and sliding heroine has been translated onto the small ...

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