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Happy birthday to us! Ten years of TUAW

On this date in 2004, a new website devoted to Apple officially went live. The Unofficial Apple Weblog (TUAW) - at that time a property of Weblogs, Inc. - had two bloggers at that point, Laurie Duncan and Barb Dybwad. The co-founders of Weblogs, Inc. were Brian Alvey and Jason Calacanis, both of...

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Talkcast tonight, 7pm PT/10 pm ET: iTunes store turns 10, quarterly results

It's a big 1-0 for everyone's "favorite" music store, which has evolved far beyond its humble Rip, Mix, Burn origins to become the digital hub for a new generation of digital devices. Happy birthday, iTunes Music Store, and here's hoping that you make it out of your adolescence wiser and more m...

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Mike Doughty's musical 10th birthday gift to iTunes Music Store

Mike Doughty, a singer/songwriter (formerly of Soul Coughing) and now an indie artist, was asked by Yahoo Music to write a song celebrating 10 years of the iTunes Music Store. Not content to put yet another spin on the standard birthday song, this became an ode to drunken iTunes purchases (I belie...

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Happy 37th birthday, Apple

Thirty-seven years ago today Apple, a fledgling "personal computer" company, was founded. The company was later incorporated as Apple Computer, Inc. in January of 1977, but those of us who share the love of pranks and fun that helped launch Apple like to celebrate the "birthday" on April Fool's...

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January 27, 2010: Apple announces the iPad

iPad is three. It was January 27, 2010, when CEO Steve Jobs took the stage to show the world what the company had been cooking up in the lab. Our staff roundup and anniversary post from last year include many of the highlights, but in the past 12 months Apple's tablet has continued to set records ...

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Apple Safari is 10 years old today

Sniff. Those children of ours get so old so quickly... Today is the 10th birthday of Apple's Safari web browser, so have a little cake or maybe propose a toast to the default Mac and iOS browser. The first version of Safari was released as a public beta exactly 10 years ago today. The app was d...

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Mac 101: Deduplicating your birthdays in the Facebook era

More Mac 101, our ongoing series of tips and tricks for novice Mac users. Adding Facebook integration to the OS X Contacts application was not without controversy; many of us feared an onslaught of email addresses polluting our pristine data. Assuming you can get past that hurdle, ...

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iOS's Notification Center cares more about my contacts' birthdays than I do

I love Notification Center, but there's one thing that's bugged me about it since its introduction in iOS 5 and that thing is even worse in iOS 6: Notification Center always shows your contacts' birthdays no matter what. In iOS 5 this wasn't too annoying, because most people probably didn't h...

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Pink feather boa time! Fusion-io throws surprise birthday party for Woz

Apple co-founder and legend Steve Wozniak won't officially turn 62 until August 11, but that wasn't enough to keep flash memory tech company Fusion-io from holding a surprise birthday party for him last night. Ina Fried from AllThingsD was in attendance and provided a photo record of the event....

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iPhone 5th anniversary flashback: Welcome to 2006 and the height of Apple Phone predictions

Happy 5th birthday, iPhone. Looking back, 2006 was an awesome time to be rolling in predictions. The drumroll for the iPhone was steady, furious, and demanding. As the tempo grew as Macworld 2007 grew near, everyone was hoping for something amazing, and Apple delivered. Five years after the de...

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It's the 57th anniversary of Steve Jobs's birth

Today would have been Steve Jobs's 57th birthday. In memoriam of the man who inspired us to think different, we've assembled a few of Jobs's most memorable moments. Get out the tissues as we remember the life and achievements of the Apple co-founder in the videos below. For even more memories, you...

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iPhone icon cupcakes look touchable, tasty

We haven't posted a really good iPhone cake in quite a while now, so here we go: Reader Tim sends in this set of cupcakes that his girlfriend made him for his 21st birthday, and boy do they look good. There are a few things that, as Apple obsessive, we would call out in there, including the fac...

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TUAW TV Live at 5 PM ET: Starting a Fire for @verso's birthday

We're going to have some fun this afternoon on TUAW TV Live. My very special guest will be TUAW Talkcast regular and proprietress of the House of Crackpot Theories™, Kelly Guimont (that's her on the left in the photo above, in case you were confused). Today just so happens to be Kelly's b...

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Happy First Birthday, iPhone 4!

One year ago today, where were you? Were you standing in line waiting to snag the newly announced iPhone 4, or were watching from afar, marveling at the long lines? Unless you had your head in the sand, you were likely doing one or the other. In the 12 months since its launch, the iPhone 4 ha...

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Apple planning May event to celebrate its 10-year retail anniversary

Get your glad rags out, because it looks like Apple's preparing to celebrate the 10th birthday of its first retail stores at the end of next month. Employees have been told they can't request any vacation time in late May, possibly because Apple's planning some sort of event to mark the anniv...

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