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Store It is a wishlist app that falls short of its potential

Store It, free in the App Store, has the potential to be more powerful than other wishlist and gift apps on the market. It has a great concept, but isn't so great in execution. You add items to your list by searching websites with the in-app browser, scanning a barcode or uploading a photo. T...

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Never forget important events with Birthday Board Premium

Let's be honest with ourselves. We'd forget 90% of our loved ones' birthdays if it wasn't for Facebook. If you are like me and you don't check Facebook every day, you're probably still forgetting 50% them. Birthday Board Premium, US$1.99 in the App Store for iOS 6 or later, leaves you no excuse to...

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Mac 101: Deduplicating your birthdays in the Facebook era

More Mac 101, our ongoing series of tips and tricks for novice Mac users. Adding Facebook integration to the OS X Contacts application was not without controversy; many of us feared an onslaught of @facebook.com email addresses polluting our pristine data. Assuming you can get past that hurdle, ...

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Apple planning May event to celebrate its 10-year retail anniversary

Get your glad rags out, because it looks like Apple's preparing to celebrate the 10th birthday of its first retail stores at the end of next month. Employees have been told they can't request any vacation time in late May, possibly because Apple's planning some sort of event to mark the anniv...

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Birthdays under control on your iPhone

I always have a problem with birthdays. I generally don't make a big deal about my own, and sometimes that leads me to forget my friends' big days. iCal helps me, and I have a few birthdays in there that have pop-ups a few days in advance. It works well, especially if I remember to make it a repeati...

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YABI - Yet Another Birthday Importer updates with new UI, multiple alarms

YABI, as we've mentioned before, fills the void left by iCal's lackluster Address Book import of birthdays by offering far more flexibility and power. YABI can create a custom calendar for birthdays and anniversaries, display a person's age in the event alarm title, select only specific contacts ...

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YABI: iCal birthday and anniversary alarms done right

Mac OS X 10.4 Tiger's iCal introduced a 'Show Birthdays calendar' option which automatically adds an all-day event for any contacts who have birthdays listed in Address Book. It's smart, but it isn't very flexible - there is no option for alarms and no way to add extra information like age or detail...

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