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Transmisison 0.71 Fixes Announce Issue

One of the things I love about OS X is the fact that for pretty much any conceivable task, there are multiple applications to choose from with which to do it. Unfortunately, this hasn't really been the case when it comes to BitTorrent clients. Yes, there may have been multiple native clients out the...

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BitRocket walkthrough

Just yesterday we wrote about BitRocket, a new open source BitTorrent client for OS X. We also wrote about the fact that some people think that something is rotten in the state of BitRocket, however, after looking at the code myself I can rest easy recommedning the app. Some of you, I am sure, were ...

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Questions about BitRocket abound

News is coming in via digg commenters and posts on forum threads linked therein which seems to indicate and give evidence that BitRocket uses code taken from the Transmission.app source without giving any attribution as required by the MIT license under which Transmission is released. These accusat...

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Still having trouble finding a Mac bittorrent client that is to your liking, even after looking at this list? Perhaps BitRocket will be the app you have been looking for. It is a .1 beta release, but it does look promising (and very Mac like to boot). BitRocket is free....

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