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Diamonds plus nano plus watch equals this $18k monstrosity

There is, it has to be admitted, a market for diamond-encrusted Apple products. Having the good taste to buy something magical and revolutionary doesn't necessarily mean you have good taste full stop. So, for those of you with more (way, way more) money than sense who live at the blingier end...

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Got $8 million? Buy an iPad 2 inlaid with gold, diamonds and a dinosaur bone

The iPad is no stranger to the bling culture. But in case you have a few extra million tucked beneath the mattress, Stewart Hughes is offering an iPad 2 that is encased in solid gold, diamonds, some of the oldest rock found in the world and a dinosaur bone. The back is covered with 24-carat g...

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Blingiest bling booths make your Apple gear gaudy to the max

The companies making these rhinestone or Swarovski-encrusted iPad and iPhone cases are numerous. But if you're in the mood to wrap your Apple gear in shiny, sharp little crystals or plastic "gems" then there is no shortage of gaudy garbage vendors at CES -- or on the internet. Here's a little galle...

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Found Footage: Swarovski crystal Apple rainbow logo iPhone case

Going down the Apple history path for the second time today, we thought those of you who might have a soft spot in your heart for the old "rainbow" Apple logo would love this piece of bling. It's an iPhone case (works with 3G / 3GS) that is covered with more than 1,000 Swarovski crystal bits f...

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Wait. How much did you pay for your iPad?

Economic hardship? What's that? If the recession affected you as much as it did that rock on your villa grounds, have I got an iPad for you. For a mere US$20,000 you can order the Diamond iPad. The 64GB 3G iPad is modded by Mervis Diamond Importers and features 11.43 carats of diamonds set in a m...

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Want an iPod shuffle and have way too much money?

There are some who look at Apple's industrial design and think, 'That's perfect! Nothing needs to be done,' and there are some who think, 'it looks nice but it could really use some gems.' That's how this $40,000 iPod Shuffle, called the iDiamond by the makers, was born. I wonder how much a diamond...

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iPod bling

Swarovski. It's a brand of precision cut crystal glass that refracts light in a rainbow spectrum. If you hunt around, you can find Swarovski-encrusted iPods for sale, perfect for stocking stuffers. You can pick up a 2GB Nano for a mere $999. 4GB? $1049. A bargain, as Laurie pointed out a couple of ...

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