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iOS 7: Block iOS updates on your office network, avoid first-day upgrade overload

For those businesses or educational institutions with limited bandwidth and lots of iOS devices on their Wi-Fi infrastructure, a blast of iOS 7 updates -- each with its own hefty, lingering download -- could be a bit of a problem. Tomorrow it should be easy to spot the network admin: he or she will ...

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Turning an old Apple mouse into a modern Bluetooth mouse

This Instructable is a pretty sweet project that some of you might want to take on this weekend: It'll teach you how to combine an 80s-era Apple mouse body with the innards of a modern Bluetooth wireless mouse, thus turning Apple's user interface innovation into a device usable with almost any ...

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TUAW's Daily App: Ponk

At its core, Ponk plays a lot like Dr. Mario or Tetris. You have different colored balls falling from the top of the screen, and you've got to line them up with balls of the same color to make them disappear and score points. But Ponk takes its touchscreen placement very seriously -- touch not only...

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The Bad Decision Blocker prevents dialing mistakes

Enough of the fart apps -- here's an iPhone function we really need. The Bad Decision Blocker (BDB for short) is an iPhone app that will let you block any of your phone's contacts for a predetermined set of time. We've all been there -- you go out Friday night, get a few drinks in you, and suddenly...

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Opera 9 goes Universal

Opera, the little browser that could (and did - go free, that is), has finished its beta and reached version 9, going Universal in the process. New features include: a built-in BitTorrent client adding your favorite search engines to Opera's search bar simply by right-clicking them site-spec...

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