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TUAW is looking for news bloggers

Does your feed reader overflow with juicy Apple news? Are you capable of writing crystal-clear copy backed by a deep knowledge of Apple gear and software? TUAW is looking for you! We're looking for three news bloggers. Here are the specifics: You must be over 18. Sorry, no exceptions. It's US ...

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iPad killer apps: The TUAW consensus

Killer apps define a platform. They spark the insight as to why a particular device is right for you, allowing you to make the connection between its purchase and how it will work in your life. Here at TUAW, we decided to brainstorm through the iPad apps that we've used, and to focus in on what we c...

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TUAW Talkcast live tonight at 10pm Eastern

Sunday night means it's time once again for a TUAW talkcast, in which your favorite TUAW bloggers and readers all get together over on Talkshoe and chat out the biggest Apple happenings of the past week. This week, we'll be talking about that mystery key on the iPad keyboard and what it might be for...

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Macworld 2010: TUAW adventures, day 2

Day 2 of Macworld 2010 brought lots more work and lots more fun -- we spent the day covering the show floor, livestreaming right here on the site, and networking and interviewing with all sorts of Mac fans at the crowded show. In the evening, we headed out to a few media receptions, and were lucky ...

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Macworld 2010: TUAW attacks San Francisco with the Parrot AR.Drone

OK, let's face it. It is the coolest iPhone accessory since, uhhhhhh, the iPad? We're talking about the Parrot AR.Drone, the iPhone / iPad touch-controlled quadricopter that, when it finally ships later in 2010, will be one of the hottest geek toys on the market. TUAW bloggers Mike Schram...

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Join us for a TUAW Talkcast tonight at 10pm Eastern

Our talkcast returns to the virtual airwaves this evening as usual, bringing your chance to get in on the discussion with us. This week's topic? Obviously, the iPad will be front and center as we discuss and digest what Apple's new device means for the world (and whether it's underwhelming or overpo...

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Meet the minds behind The Unofficial Apple Weblog

No, we're not inviting you to dinner. We've just updated our team page, complete with some pretty horrendous pictures! Our team includes a somewhat random, yet incredibly cool, group of professionals. Besides all our tech qualifications we've got a philosopher, a former Time Inc. staffer, a forme...

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TUAW bloggers post their Apple predictions for 2010

It's the end of another calendar year, which can mean only two things. First, every blog is going to be posting lists of 2009 retrospectives, and second, there are going to be a lot of posts filled with completely off-target predictions for 2010. So that we're not leaving our readership sitting in...

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Three for three: Friday's trifecta of Snow Leopard upgrades

If you joined us Friday night for the Mac OS X 10.6 Snow Leopard liveblog, you probably saw me say that I didn't have many issues with the upgrade. That's an understatement -- I think Snow Leopard is one of the smoothest upgrades I've ever performed with any operating system. You've probably already...

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A peek inside the TUAW offices

Each day the TUAW crew awakes from our hyperbaric chambers, slides down the firepole in our historic 2-story firehouse and gathers around the Surface table to discuss what we're going to write about. Oh wait, that's in an alternate universe I just made up. In reality, the TUAW team is a diverse grou...

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Yet another introduction

Greetings, TUAW faithful! I'm Todd, and after writing for Download Squad for a year, I'm fortunate enough to be able to write for TUAW. A MacBook Pro is my primary machine and I'm rarely without my iPhone 3G (who isn't?). By day I'm a systems admin for a school district in central Pennsylvania where...

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Reminder: You could be the next TUAW blogger

Just a gentle reminder that September 7th is the deadline to apply to be TUAW's next blogger (sounds like a really lame reality show, doesn't it?) and it is rapidly approaching. Send the following: A brief bio 3 samples of posts written in TUAW's style. One should be a review of something, ano...

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Want to blog for TUAW?

Apple news never rests, but sadly humans need to sleep at least 2 hours a night (at least that's what I get). In an effort to bring you the best Mac news as quickly and accurately as possible we need some new blood here at TUAW. Can you name all the cats that OS X versions have been named after? Do ...

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Apple gives up on Asteroid suit

Remember that rumored Firewire breakout box (codename: Asteroid) for Garageband that was leaked to a few websites? You know, the one that Apple decided was important enough to sue said bloggers to find out who their sources were? Ahh, I thought you would. Apple won the first ruling which would have ...

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macZOT! offers SubEthaEdit

Speaking of free, those crazy folks at macZOT! are at it again. They are running BLOGZOT 2.0 on (what's up with all the caps?) in which several thousand copies of SubEthaEdit (totaling about $105,000 in software) might be given away. Why do I say 'might be given away'? Because the concept...

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