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Obituary: Mac OS X Hints might be "pining for the fjords"

Over the years, one of the top websites other than TUAW for getting hints about Mac OS X was Macworld's Mac OS X Hints. Now a post by former Macworld blogger Rob Griffiths is paying last respects to the site 14 years after it first went live. The site is still online, but as Griffiths notes, it has...

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Blogo 2 brings a native WordPress app to OS X

For those who use the popular WordPress content management system for blogging, there are a lot of iOS tools. In the OS X world, however, you're generally content to use a Markdown tool that also happens to upload content to WordPress blogs. Blogo 2.0 (US$29.99, available at introductory price of ...

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Day One launches Publish, adds social networks to the mix (updated)

Tomorrow, the Day One iPhone app (US$4.99) is going to get a big update and today Paul Mayne and the Day One team unveiled a critical part of that update -- Publish. Update: Actually, the Day One update to version 1.13 is already live today, March 11. Note that Publish is still only available for ...

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WordPress app update adds new Native Reader and improved account management

Wordpress has updated its iOS app to version 3.7 to provide readers with an improved browsing experience. The app's new Reader is designed to enhance the user experience by being rebuilt from the ground up with 100 percent native code, an improvement from the original Reader's blend of JavaScript ...

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Dog Days of Summer: A blogger and his dog

TUAW blogger Richard Gaywood is admired by many in the Apple community for his insightful, well-reasoned, and often mathematically rigorous treaties on a variety of tech topics. But what his fans don't know is that Richard has a writing assistant who provides both input and editing expertise. Whe...

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How we write for TUAW: A look at blogger workflows and tools

I love it when another blog comes up with a great idea that we can borrow, and that was the case over at iMore when Rene Ritchie published a post over the Memorial Day weekend titled "How we write for iMore: Our workflows from Mac to iPad to iPhone and back!" Not surprisingly, just about every one ...

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The Loop's Jim Dalrymple takes on WWDC 2013 expectations

When he's not hanging around with rock stars (like Guns 'n Roses guitarist Slash, at left above) or controlling the Northern Hemisphere's supply of Heineken, Jim Dalrymple (right) is talking about Apple and those other things at The Loop. Jim's been an industry insider for quite some time, so when...

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Dear Uncle TUAW: What's the best way to blog while backpacking?

Dear Uncle TUAW: Over the next two years my husband and I plan to hike El Camino de Santiago in Spain. I'd love to keep family and friends up to date on our trek by blogging on the trip, but since we want to keep our backpacks at less than 14 lbs. total weight, I'm not sure I want to carry an iPa...

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Preparing Blog Images with Automator

Automator's the perfect tool for streamlining some of the repetitive things you do on a daily basis. One thing it's great at is doing basic manipulation to lots of image files. Need to resize a bunch of images or convert them from one format to another? No problem, Automator is ready to help. In t...

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Tumblr iOS app updated, now completely native

Finally jumping headfirst into iOS with a redesigned experience, the updated Tumblr app is now live on the App Store. Whereas the previous version relied in part on simplified web views to replicate the Tumblr feel, the new experience is 100 percent native to iOS. After playing around with the n...

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TUAW TV Live: Bloggers talk about blogging tools

Good morning, afternoon, or evening, depending on what part of the world you're coming in from! Today we're going to be talking about blogging tools on TUAW TV Live. I consider personal journals to be a kind of self-blog, so those tools will be covered as well. Of course, I can't use every blog...

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TUAW TV Live at 5 PM: Blogging tools overview

Whether you're keeping a private journal for yourself or publishing a blog for the whole world to read, blogging tools of various types are proliferating in the Apple world. Join me this afternoon for an hour of chatroom banter and demonstrations of some of my favorite tools for keeping a perso...

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Tumblr 3.0 for iPhone completely rebuilt

Easy blogging service Tumblr has released an update for its official iPhone app, and its interface has been completely rebuilt. The dashboard is cleaner, and it's done away with that custom bottom bar found in the original app. There are almost too many big updates to count: You can now upload ...

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How to avoid sounding dumb when you write about Apple

So, you want to write about Apple? Lots of people do these days. The company is a household name, its financial performance is virtually unparalleled, and it makes products that millions upon millions of users enjoy every single day. I can tell you from personal experience that getting paid to writ...

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Hey Dude, Where's my Blog? (Follow up to Blogging with Siri)

If you pop by the blog I set up with Siri, you may notice it's been vaporized. Harsh, Google, harsh. Admittedly it wasn't a particularly edifying blog (didn't have to be, was just demonstrating a tech solution) but there wasn't any spam on it. And I just set it up a few days ago. So I tried c...

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