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Slay some vampires and download Bloodmasque on iOS for free this week

The snow is falling and you know what that means? Vampires! The creepy, face-stealing action RPG Bloodmasque has gone free for one week in honor of Halloween Christmas... for some reason. The game lets you put your own face on the main character, a half-breed vampire hunter, and for a limited time...

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Daily iPad App: Bloodmasque will steal your soul... and your face

The newly-released vampire RPG brawler Bloodmasque is yet another game in the strange sub genre of iOS apps that think they are full-fledge, console-quality releases. You may already be familiar with other games in this niche including Infinity Blade, Rage, and the recently released Deus Ex: The F...

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Square Enix uses your face for action in Bloodmasque

Square Enix's Bloodmasque was undoubtedly the strangest game I saw at E3 last week, and in a year defined by indie titles and two new HD consoles, I think that's saying something. Square Enix has had a weird time with the App Store -- other companies like Capcom and EA have found a lot of success ...

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