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Tim Cook says Apple Watch can control the Apple TV and hints at other uses in full-length Bloomberg interview

BloombergBusinessweek over the weekend published their full-length interview with Apple CEO Tim Cook. The full interview contains a number of interesting tidbits that, for whatever reason, didn't make it into the print version of the story. Of particular interest are Cook's comments regarding t...

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Apple's iPhone revenues exceed those of Microsoft, Boeing, and other huge corporations

Just for the hell of it, let's say that Apple's iPhone unit was a separate company. Businessweek has done a bit of speculation and determined that the iPhone unit would be the ninth largest company in the Dow Jones Industrial Average based on revenues. Those revenues, which currently reach over US...

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How Steve Jobs tried to save HP

In a Bloomberg Businessweek article this week, writers Ashlee Vance and Aaron Ricadela reveal a conversation between former HP CEO Mark Hurd and Steve Jobs that had not been previously disclosed. That article asks whether or not current HP CEO Meg Whitman can save the company that once ruled Si...

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Tim Cook discusses manufacturing, Maps in Bloomberg interview

Apple CEO Tim Cook has given an interview to Bloomberg Businessweek, in which he discusses his first year at Apple, the company's manufacturing practices, Maps and much more. Regarding Apple's overseas manufacturing partners, Cook noted that many Apple employees spend time in China: "We have h...

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Exploring Apple's supply chain secrets

One of the unsung heroes in the success of Apple over the past ten years or so has been the ability for the company to take control of manufacturing, procurement, and logistics of its products in ways that are completely innovative. In a Bloomberg Businessweek post yesterday, writers Adam Satar...

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Bloomberg Businessweek is the latest iPad subscription magazine

Fortune Tech is reporting that another major magazine publisher has agreed to Apple's terms for iTunes magazine subscriptions, increasing the grand total to ... four. Bloomberg Businessweek (free iPad app) joins Maxim, Elle and Popular Science as the fourth magazine to provide subscriptions thr...

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