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Bluelounge Soba cable director organizes your wiring mess

Wiring and cabling, especially when you have a lot of computer equipment, can quickly get out of control. The space between my Apple Wireless Keyboard and iMac, as an example, looks like someone dumped a bowl of black and white noodles into a pile. That's why Bluelounge's new Soba cable director (...

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BlueLounge Kickflip: An incredibly useful MacBookPro accessory

I write a ton of hardware reviews for TUAW, and I really get tired of seeing overpriced stands for MacBooks. The idea of these things is to just put your device into a comfortable position for typing while you're using the laptop on a flat surface or lap, but some of the accessory designers think ...

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Bluelounge's Nest iPad stand on display at CES 2011

One of the first things we did on the show floor here at CES today was stop by the Bluelounge booth. The company was showing off its latest product, called the Nest, an iPad stand due to sell for US$14.95 when it arrives in stores later on this year. There are plenty of iPad stands here at CES (and...

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