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Outdoor Tech Tuis audio wireless headset slated for October

Summer's not even officially here yet, and we're already starting to see some products that are planned for release this fall. The latest example is a premium Bluetooth 4.0 audio headset with some nice features and great design. The Tuis (pronounced two-wees) Wireless Headphones from Outdoor Tec...

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NuForce BT-860 Bluetooth headset: Wireless bliss

Apple fans who are looking for the perfect intersection of stylish design, great sound and wireless connectivity have a new Bluetooth headset to consider -- the NuForce BT-860 (US$79). I recently had the pleasure to try out this value-priced Bluetooth headset and found a lot to like. Design ...

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Apple buys Wi-Gear, branded Bluetooth headset coming?

It appears that Apple is spending at least a few dollars out of that US$51 billion cache of cash. 9to5Mac reports that the company has purchased a small Bay Area Bluetooth headset design firm named Wi-Gear. Wi-Gear's products included three generations of the iMuffs A2DP Bluetooth stereo headset (s...

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iPhone OS 3.1 adds new features and functionality

One of the first surprises out of today's Apple event, other than Steve Jobs appearing on stage again (!!!), was the announcement that iPhone OS 3.1 and iPod touch OS 3.1.1 were available. We're still waiting for the download to complete, so this won't be a hands-on review, but we do want you to kno...

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Apple's Bluetooth headset gets the axe

I'll admit it: I loathe Bluetooth headsets. It's impossible to walk around with one of those things protruding from your head without looking like a total tool. No one's impressed, Lieutenant Uhura. I'd like to think it was that reason that prompted Apple to stop selling the iPhone Bluetooth headset...

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iPhone 101: Switch between audio outputs for your voicemail

Many iPhone users use a Bluetooth headset on their phones. However, they may not know that you can use the same headset to listen to their Visual Voicemail. To listen to your voicemail through your headset, just navigate to Phone > Voicemail. Once there, click the "Audio" button in the top right...

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Jawbone: Get ticketed, get a discount

Who says crime doesn't pay? Aliph, makers of the ultra-cool noise-reducing Jawbone Bluetooth headset, have come up with a great marketing scheme. If you live in California, Connecticut, the District of Columbia, New Jersey, New York, or Washington -- all states with laws requiring hands-free use of ...

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Apple's Bluetooth headset gets price reduction

If you've been looking to get the Apple Bluetooth headset for your iPhone (really, it works on any Bluetooth enabled phone/device/computer) then now is the perfect time to buy. That's because Apple has lowered the price by $30 (US). So you can now pick up a Bluetooth headset for $99 instead of the p...

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iLounge reviews Apple Bluetooth Headset

Those unstoppable cats over at iLounge (whom I am convinced are using genetically modified oompa loompas) have gone and reviewed themselves an Apple Bluetooth Headset. For $129, you get a pretty darn sleek headset that one-ups the competition by including only a single button for control (or perh...

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Apple bluetooth headset unpacking pics

When reader Nomad send us a link to pictures of his new iPhone bluetooth headset, we thought, "Eh, it's just a headset in a box. How cool can it be?" Pretty cool. It's packaged in a black, minimalist box, as expected. Inside is the headset itself, a combo dock (accommodates the iPhone and headset) w...

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