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Tag: bluetooth keyboard

Boxwave Keyboard Buddy case: When a virtual keyboard isn't enough

Although I'm personally very comfortable with typing on the iPhone's virtual keyboard - especially on the iPhone 6 Plus - there are some people who just loved the old pre-iPhone "smartphones" with the little slideout keyboards. If you count yourself among that crowd and want a "real" keyboard for ...

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A hands-on look at Logitech's Keys-To-Go keyboard for iPad

So you want a keyboard to use occasionally with your iPad, but you don't want a keyboard case. Up to this point, that meant that you usually had to buy an Apple Wireless Keyboard (US$69) or something similar to drop into your iPad bag. Logitech, which just happens to make some of the best iPad key...

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Logitech Type+ Keyboard for iPad Air

I've reviewed a lot of iPad keyboard cases over the years, finding some that are amazing (the four-star rated US$169 ClamCase Pro for iPad Air, for example), and some that aren't that great. The new Logitech Type+ for iPad Air (US$99.99) is a billed as a protective case with an integrated keyboard...

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ClamCase Pro for iPad Air: The best keyboard just got better

With all of the Bluetooth keyboards that have appeared over the years for the iPad, there was one that really stuck out in my mind as the best overall and that was the ClamCase Pro. When it came to letting me type quickly on an iPad, have flexibility in how I viewed the iPad screen, and overall bu...

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Logitech k810 Bluetooth Illuminated Keyboard: Review and Giveaway

Owners of iMacs, Mac minis, and Mac Pros don't have to look at the glowing keyboards of their MacBook-owning buddies with envy anymore. The folks at Logitech have introduced the new k810 Bluetooth Illuminated Keyboard (US$99.99) so you can continue banging away at the keyboard in the dark. Let'...

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Jorno inventor Scott Starrett talks to TUAW about Kickstarter and crowd-sourced funding

Scott Starrett is an inventor with a dream -- to manufacture a pocket-sized folding Bluetooth keyboard making it simple for anyone to have access to a "real" keyboard when using an iPhone, iPad or other mobile device. With about a day to go in his Kickstarter fundraising, Starrett still isn't a...

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Jorno Kickstarter project aims to put a folding Bluetooth keyboard in your pocket

Back in the days of Palm, I recall being thrilled about some of the folding keyboards that were developed for the iconic PDA. They connected to the Palm device via a mechanical connector and made it easy to type text into Palm applications. Now a California company, Jorno, is seeking funding fo...

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TUAW TV Live at 5 PM ET: The 2nd anniversary show

Time flies when you're having fun. Yes, believe it or not, TUAW TV Live has been polluting the blogosphere every Wednesday afternoon since December 22, 2009, making today the second anniversary of this live video stream. Viewers have been treated to hundreds of product and app demos, interviews w...

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IPEVO Typi folio case and Chopstakes styli for iPad

IPEVO is an innovative computer peripheral manufacturer that has produced some rather impressive products -- the P2V USB Document Cam and Tubular Wireless Speakers, to name two -- and is now making a leap into the iPad market with two new products. The Typi (US$79) is a folio case for iPad with...

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Crux360 raises the bar for iPad 2 Bluetooth keyboard cases

Just yesterday, I reviewed the Qmadix Portfolio case for iPad 2 and was favorably impressed. It's too bad I didn't wait a day, because I could have done a smackdown between it and the new Crux360 (US$149). Both keyboard cases are a sign that manufacturers are doing their homework, listening to ...

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Scosche freeKEY Bluetooth keyboard: flexible and splashproof

Have you ever wanted to spill water onto your Bluetooth keyboard? Of course not. But that doesn't mean that some day you might not accidentally dump an icy glass of sweet tea onto the keyboard or have one of the kids decide to give Mr. Keyboard a bath in the toilet. Schosche's new freeKEY Blu...

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Apple compact wired keyboard gets discontinued

AppleInsider notes that Apple has quietly discontinued its compact wired keyboard. The keyboard, which has the part number MB869LL/A, has been removed from Apple's online store, yet is still available (presumably, while supplies last) on Amazon for US$46.99. Apple originally introduced the compac...

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Found Footage: Kensington Bluetooth keyboard case for iPad

OK, admit it. The multi-touch screen on the iPad is amazing for most of the work that you do, but when you're really trying to type a lot of words quickly, the virtual keyboard sucks. We've seen a few similar keyboard cases demoed over the past few months, but this is the first we can rem...

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My ridiculously convenient iPad set-up

What happens when an object in motion meets an immovable object? Let me put that another way. Instead of "object in motion," think: "girl skiing." Instead of "immovable object," think "tree." The outcome? A big old "OUCH!", a number of broken bones, and quite a bit of time to be spent at the hospita...

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Found Footage: How to connect an iPad to your existing wireless keyboard

Along with Erica Sadun, I had some trouble connecting my shining new iPad to an Apple Bluetooth wireless keyboard. Eventually we both got it sorted out, but there are a few things that you do need to know. My problem was that although I could connect easily to an older BT keyboard, I could not pa...

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