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Two great board games headed to iOS: Talisman Prologue and Eclipse

There's some great news today about two different -- both excellent -- physical board games headed to digital versions on the App Store. First up, the game Eclipse has been submitted to the App Store as a digital app. This is a great galaxy-spanning civilization builder, and the physical compon...

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Origin Stories: Sage Board Games

Codito Development is behind Sage Board Games, a company which has been cranking out iOS versions of board games for a few years now. Perhaps most notably, Sage has released a number of classic Reiner Knizia games, but they also publish Ravensburger's Puerto Rico and recently released Uwe Rosen...

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Toy Fair 2013: 'America's Funniest Home Videos' board games includes QR cards to enhance game

America's Funniest Home Videos started when Steve Jobs worked on NeXT computers and Bob Saget, the original host, was best known as Danny Tanner on Full House. It's one of those shows that inevitably you find yourself doing a double-take and going, "That's still airing?" It's not just going s...

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Daily iPad App: Game Table lets you play checkers and chess against a friend

Game Table takes a different approach to iPad-based board games. Rather than focus on a strong computer opponent or fancy graphics, Game Table lets you get back to the basics by offering only a game board. There is no computer opponent to beat and no cumbersome rules to follow. It's just a basi...

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Unofficial Dominion on iOS now, official version later

I'm a big fan of Ascension, the iOS app that replicates the real-life deck-building card game of the same name. But when it comes to more self-contained deck-building card games where you build a deck as you play, as opposed to collectible card games like Magic: The Gathering, there's really one b...

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GameChanger board uses your iPad for board games

We stopped by Identity Games' booth here at CES in Las Vegas to see its GameChanger game board (which you can basically see above, albeit in a very cheery/creepy PR picture setting). Despite the less-than-intriguing marketing, the GameChanger is a really great idea. It's a 1'x3' board with an i...

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App Review: Tikal offers jungle brilliance for 10 action points a turn

Every six months or so, Codito/Sage Board Games releases another excellent Euro-style board game for iOS. The first example was the excellent Medici, which was followed by Ra. Coming up next is Puerto Rico. Last week they brought us Tikal, a truly wonderful game that won the 1999 Spiel des Jahr...

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Macworld Expo 2011: Trouble Brothers' Sword of Fargoal 2 and other titles

Jeff McCord and Steve Shippert head up a Seattle-based company called Trouble Brothers, and while I visited their booth at Macworld to talk about iOS games, the two have quite a gaming history. They met while playing trivia games in Seattle, and they have worked on real-life board games in the past...

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App Review: Let's Catch The Lion! is cute, strategic fun

The new Let's Catch The Lion! board game app looks cute as all get out, and to be fair, it is designed as a kids' game. But this Shogi (Japanese Chess) variant is a worthwhile download from the App Store even for board gamers who don't have a child in the house. It's a solid two-player strategy ...

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App Review: Reiner Knizia's Ra

Reiner Knizia's classic Egyptian-themed auction and tile-collecting game Ra is not an easy one to figure out. When playing around a table, you need to collect the right tiles, look over to see what other people are collecting, keep an eye on the status of the sun/bid tiles and, in general, proce...

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App Review: Neuroshima Hex is good, about to get a lot better *UPDATE

The new board game app that's based on the 2006 tabletop game Neuroshima Hex is a lot of things. For a cardboard hex-based game that's reproduced in your pocket, Neuroshima Hex is gorgeous. The artwork is wonderfully clear on a Retina Display, and the part-apocalyptic, part-1950s sci-fi style gra...

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App review: Abstract strategy game StackEm plunks down some fun

A clone of the award-winning game Gobblet (which was given the Neighbourhood Toy Stores of Canada Gold Star Award --don't tell me you haven't heard of that prize), Shawn Grimes' StackEm is a colorful, simple twist on Connect Four that is well worth looking into as a two-person endeavor on your iD...

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Review: Viva il Re board game app asks to be crowned

The iPhone might be the most amazing computer you can slip into your jeans, but there are some things it just doesn't do very well. For example, you can't really get into a bluffing match against the machine, at least not with the iPhone/iPod touch app Viva il Re ($1.99). Here's what we mean. Viv...

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TUAW Review: Scrabble for iPhone

Hasbro's Scrabble is a classic board game, and Electronic Arts made the crossword game one of the first releases for the iPhone / iPod touch platform. Although the game has been available since July, I decided to wait to review it until some of the early bugs were squashed and new features were adde...

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According to Hoyle, it's 2009

Encore Software apparently has a time machine, and it's not the one built into Leopard. They have just introduced three new entries in their Hoyle series of Mac games -- Hoyle Puzzle & Board 2009, Hoyle Cards 2009, and Hoyle Casino 2009. Hoyle Puzzle & Board 2009 features puzzle games, incl...

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