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No Comment: Washington State borrows Bodega's icon, with a tweak

Eagle-eyed reader Jeff spotted this icon in use over on the Washington State Department of Labor and Industries website, and it looked a little familiar to him, as a user of a certain unofficial Mac App Store app that has been around even before Apple's software distribution solution. Minus the...

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Bodega and MacAppsThatRock help you find new Mac apps

I switched to the Mac several years ago, and I'm still finding apps that have been around for a long time that I wish I had known about sooner. Hopefully the Mac App Store will help, but it also raises two issues: 1) What about apps that aren't in the store (for whatever reason, perhaps because they...

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Bodega expects to thrive along side Mac App Store

Competition is a good thing, and the leads behind Bodega say they'll be there right alongside the Mac App Store when it debuts tomorrow. "Bodega is not going anywhere," product designer Phil Letourneau told The Loop. "It will continue to grow in terms of developers and customers coming into Bodega."...

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Bodega 1.3 available, a fun alternative to the Mac App Store

With most Mac users happily anticipating the availability of the Mac App Store on January 6, many seem to forget that there has been an App Store for Mac for quite some time -- Bodega. Bodega is an app discovery and download gateway from Freshcode. The app can be downloaded by anyone for free, and t...

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Apple hiring editorial managers for App Store

If you've ever wanted to apply to work at Apple, now might be a good time to check out the job board over at TechCrunch. Late last week, Apple posted several editorial positions designed to help weed out the good apps from the bad in the App Store. Another position is geared toward promoting apps bo...

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Bodega: App Store of Mac OS X

With the success of mobile application stores (led by the iPhone's App Store and then copied by virtually every other mobile platform), it makes sense that the next step would be to try to extend that all-in-one browse/download/buy experience on the desktop. The Linux distribution Ubuntu is workin...

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