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BoinxTV adds motion magic with LibOrientator

The guys from Munich (actually Puchheim, near Munich) have done it again. Boinx Software has updated BoinxTV to version 1.8 and created a special new iPhone and iPad app named Orientator (free) to control 3D graphics effects in BoinxTV. Even better, Boinx developed LibOrientator, a library for ...

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Boinx offers Spring savings on its "Home" products

From now until Monday, May 23, Mac users with a craving to create can save a bundle on iStopMotion Home, FotoMagico Home, or BoinxTV Home when purchased through the Mac App Store. Each product is available for US$9.99 during the sale announced by the German software maker Boinx earlier this wee...

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BoinxTV Home out tomorrow on the Mac App Store

Mike Schramm and I just spoke with Oliver Breidenbach from Boinx, and we're pretty excited to hear about a new Mac App Store release (tomorrow) of a new version of BoinxTV: BoinxTV Home. It's a consumer-level version of the live-broadcast software with a lower price point and distribution through th...

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BoinxTV unlocked in MacHeist 3 -- next up, Espresso and The Hit List

UPDATE: Just as we suspected, the $500,000 blew past and now everything is unlocked. It took a while for the US$39 MacHeist 3 bundle to raise US$400,000 for charity, but it happened yesterday and now the US$199 BoinxTV Sponsored Edition application is unlocked for everyone who is participating in ...

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MacHeist 3 bundle unveiled

The Heist might be over, but the software saving fun is just beginning! Tonight, the MacHeist 3 bundle was revealed in a geek-star studded live show. This year's bundle is, from a software perspective, really incredible. I love software bundles because they are a great way to get cool stuff, but th...

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WWDC '08: Boinx + TheCodingMonkeys = BoinxTV

We heard from TheCodingMonkeys last week, and there was mention of a joint project with Boinx Software. Being a big fan of Boinx software (iStopMotion, Mousepose, Fotomagico), I couldn't wait to see what they had up their sleeves. The project is called BoinxTV, and it's going to be an invaluable t...

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